The NCC Volume 3: Spirit, Restoration, Growing in Grace


The New City Catechism Curriculum features fifty-two engaging lessons developed from the questions and answers of The New City Catechism. Volume 3 covers questions 36—52 and focuses on the Holy Spirit, Restoration and Growing in Grace. The curriculum is aimed at children ages eight through eleven, and is designed to be used in a wide variety of contexts—Sunday school, home school, Christian school, or after-school clubs. The catechism will be most effective if it is concurrently taught in the local church and in the context of the family.


Number Title
Question 36 What do we believe about the Holy Spirit?
Question 37 How does the Holy Spirit help us?
Question 38 What is prayer?
Question 39 With what attitude should we pray?
Question 40 What should we pray?
Question 41 What is the Lord's Prayer?
Question 42 How is the Word of God to be read and heard?
Question 43 What are the sacraments or ordinances?
Question 44 What is baptism?
Question 45 Is baptism with water the washing away of sin itself?
Question 46 What is the Lord's Supper?
Question 47 Does the Lord's Supper add anything to Christ's atoning work?
Question 48 What is the church?
Question 49 Where is Christ now?
Question 50 What does Christ's resurrection mean for us?
Question 51 Of what advantage to us is Christ’s ascension?
Question 52 What hope does everlasting life hold for us?