A Gaggle of Giggles and Games

David C Cook

A Gaggle of Giggles and Games presents 79 fun games that do more than just give busy young bodies something to do. Each game offers a "Coaching Character" section that allows a teacher or parent to gather kids together after the game to explore great truths that wrap the activity with meaning and relevance to their everyday lives. Four types of games are included: Cooperative Games that get kids working together to accomplish something they can all celebrate, Ice Breakers that help kids build community by getting to know each other better, Rowdy Games that use physical energy to teach memorable faith lessons, and Bible Memory Games that help kids draw God's Word into their hearts. Perfect for kindergarten and older kids.


Number Title
Cooperative Games
K + Beach Blanket Party Poppers
K + Tick-Tock, Roll and Rock
K + Whatever Floats Your Boat
K + Toeriffic Scramble
K + Shell Seekers
K + Hit the Mark!
K + Not Me, Couldn't Be!
1st + Toothpick Pictures
1st + Pull the Pin
1st + Marble Madness
2nd + Hope on a Rope Tag
2nd + Motion Machines
2nd + Slipper Spotlight
2nd + Flighty Feathers
3rd + Flying Tails
3rd + Thin Trust
3rd + Risk and Rearrange
3rd + Extra! Extra!
3rd + Criss-Cross Craziness
3rd + Awesome to Zoorific
K + Feathered Frenzy
K + Hooked On Each Other
K + Barnyard Roundup
K + Zoo Zoomers
K + Colorful Community
K + A Mile In My Shoes
K + Don't "Leaf" Me Alone
K + The Great Exchange Game
K + Peanut Butter Jelly Names!
1st + Snatch and Attach
1st + Hot Potato!
1st + Off With Your—Hat!
2nd + Beanbag Butterfingers
2nd + Stick 'Em Up or Down!
2nd + I'm Caring, Orange You?
3rd + Grab 'Em Up
3rd + Friendship Web
3rd + Toe-Tally Slimy Class Pass
3rd + Monkey In The Mirror
3rd + What's It Worth?
Rowdy Games
K + Search for the Lost Coin
K + Balloon Busters
K + Bug Me!
K + Songs and Shields!
K + Faith, Hope, and Glove
K + Stomping Good Time
K + Get, Get, Give!
K + Pass the Cube
K + Smash and Dash
1st + Beach Ball Bowling
1st + Lemon Fresh!
2nd + Hallelujah Hula Tag
2nd + Let's Roll!
3rd + "Egg-cellent" Adventure!
3rd + All-Around Roll
3rd + Vote For Me
3rd + Splash and Dash
3rd + Fish With Altitude
4th + "Squirt the Shirt" Jamboree
4th + The Great Garbage Game
Bible Memory Games
K + Square Off
K + Gridsome Journey
1st + Potato Bud
1st + Bibleary
2nd + S.W.A.T (Score With A Tap)
2nd + Roll 'Em Out Race
2nd + Undercover Verse
2nd + Quicksand
2nd + Memory Laundry
2nd + Sonshine and Raindrops
2nd + Ra-Ra-Ree
3rd + Chalk One Up For God
3rd + Untangle Selfishness
3rd + Counting Clues
3rd + Power Puff Praise
3rd + Outrageous Obstacle Course
3rd + Towel of Blabbing On
3rd + God Is Eggs-ellent!
4th + Pull My String