Spur-of-the-Moment Crafts

David C Cook

What could be better than being able to instantly do a craft with your class with absolutely no preparation? And to know that those crafts are not only going to be fun for the kids to do, but also reinforce biblical truths that will last a child’s lifetime. That’s exactly what Spur-of-the-Moment Crafts offers busy teachers! Over 200 crafts, loaded with flexibility and creativity, help teachers make their classrooms fun and the learning memorable for children ages 6–12.


Number Title
Construction Paper Crafts Seasonal Baskets
Valentine or Love Themed—Hearts Basket
Winter Theme—Snowflakes
Winter Theme—Snowmen
Spring Theme—Bird Nests
Easter Theme—Crosses
Summer Theme—Flags
Thanksgiving Theme—Home
Construction Paper Crafts Woven Baskets
Colorful Paper Weaving
Joseph’s Coat—Yarn Weave
Yarn Wrap
Construction Paper Crafts Bookmarks
Heart Bookmark
Christmas Tree Bookmark
Cross Bookmark
Shamrock Bookmark
Caterpillar Bookmark
Turtle Bookmark
Ladybug Bookmark
Mouse Bookmark
Smiling Sun Bookmark
Construction Paper Crafts Doorknob Hangers
Glitter Hanger
Heart Hanger
Question and Answer Hanger
Construction Paper Crafts Flags
American Flag
Christian Flag
Family or Classroom Flag
Construction Paper Crafts Folded Paper
Folded Paper Heart
Folded Paper Texture Wreath
Construction Paper Crafts Folded Squares
Folded Paper Angel
Three-Tiered Tree
Verse Tree
Folded Paper Star
Butterfly Mobile
Fish Mobile
Construction Paper Crafts Frames
Standing Tri-Fold Frame
Paper Plate Frames
Framed Scene
Window Framed Scene
Construction Paper Crafts Hand Shapes
Promise Coupons
Talents Wreath
Praying Hands Cards
Helper Wall Hanging
Rainbow Mobile
Friendship Necklace
Key to Heaven
Construction Paper Crafts Heart Shapes
People I Love Wall Hanging
Friendship Heart Necklace
Love Squad Badges
Plain Paper Crafts Books
Autograph Books
Prayer Journals
Recipe Book
Address Book
Plain Paper Crafts Prayer Cards & Holder
Card Holder
Prayer Cards
Plain Paper Crafts Flowers
Care Flowers
Plain Paper Crafts Notes & Stationary
Fold 'n' Send Sheets
Note Pad
Plain Paper Crafts Encouragers
Promise Square
Psalm Windows
Friendship Quilt
Mini-Quilt Heartwarmers
Plain Paper Crafts Signs & Plaques
Room Signs
Treasure Chest of Promises
Craft Stick Crafts Frames
House Frame
Ark Frame
Nativity Star Frame
Easter Frame
Craft Stick Crafts Banks
Square Bank
Bank with Lid
Craft Stick Crafts Ornaments
Glitter Sticks
Glitter Cross
Yarn-Wrap Cross
Yarn-Wrap Star
Prayer Tree
Craft Stick Crafts Trivets & Hangers
Scripture Hanger
Verse or Story Hanger
Craft Stick Crafts Mobiles
Mobiles Basic Instructions
Foam Cup Crafts Chariots
Bible Times Chariot
Foam Cup Crafts Critters
Animal Noses
Animal Heads
Foam Cup Crafts Gifts
Pencil Cup
Pick-a-Promise Bouquet
Foam Cup Crafts Texture Pictures
Texture Cross
I’m Somebody Special Plaque
Foam Cup Crafts Windsocks
Braided Windsock
Spring Windsock
Magazine or Catalog Crafts Cards, Booklets, Greetings
Special Messages
Mother’s or Father’s Day Card
Praise Wall Hanging
Flip-Card Greetings
Cheers For You, Poms
Pop-out Card
Magazine or Catalog Crafts Fan-Folds
Angel Wings Ornament
Sun, Moon, and Stars Mobile
Newspaper or Freezer Wrap Paper Crafts Banners
Centipede Banner
Creation Banner
Honor God Everywhere Banner
Personal Banner
Newspaper or Freezer Wrap Paper Crafts Garlands
Cross Garland
Friends Garland
God Cares Garland
Newspaper or Freezer Wrap Paper Crafts Kites
Parachute Kite
Praise Kite
Box Kite
Newspaper or Freezer Wrap Paper Crafts Stuffed Shapes
Promise Rainbow
Hearts of Love
Newspaper or Freezer Wrap Paper Crafts Armor Of God
Fruit of the Spirit Mobile
Belt of Truth
Breastplate of Righteousness
Shield of Faith
Helmet of Salvation
Sword of the Spirit
Newspaper or Freezer Wrap Paper Crafts Books
Nature Scrapbook
Footprint Book
Paper Bag Crafts Book Covers
Bible Cover
Paper Bag Crafts Braided Paper
Friendship Ring
Friendship Bracelet
Braided Belt
Blessings Jump Rope
Paper Bag Crafts Luminarias
Christmas Luminarias
Easter Luminarias
Paper Bag Crafts Scrolls
Letter Scroll
Bible Story Scrolls
Paper Bag Crafts Stuffed Bags
Paper Bag Characters
Solid Rock
Good Graffiti Bricks
Friendship Bag
God Made Me
Paper Bag Crafts Torn Paper
Old Rugged Cross
Paper Bag Crafts Bag Scenes
Ark Scene
Paper Bag Crafts Wearables
God’s Team Cap
Suede Vest
Paper Bag Crafts Pennants
Praise Pennant
Paper Bag Crafts Ecology Crafts
Litter Bag
Recycle Bag
Paper Bag Crafts Windsocks
Fish Windsock
Paper Plate Crafts Angels
Stand-up Angels
Angel with Moveable Wings
Paper Plate Crafts Critters
Autograph Hound
Turkey Blessings
Big-Feet Critters
Paper Plate Crafts Ribbons and Awards
Best Dad
Best Mom
Best Pastor
Paper Plate Crafts Flowers
Paper Plate Crafts Marionettes
Whatchamacallit Critter
Character Marionette
Paper Plate Crafts Rainbows
Promise Rainbow
Spiral Rainbow
Paper Plate Crafts Snowflakes
Glitter Snowflakes
Paper Plate Crafts Wreaths
Christmas Wreath
Wreath Scenes
Paper Plate Crafts Pledge Plaques
Christian Flag
Flag Pledge
Pledge Wall Hanging
Paper Plate Crafts Weaving
Best Dad
Best Mom
Woven Cross
Best Pastor Gift
Chenille Stem Crafts Wearables
Head Bobbers
Heart Chain
Spiral Wearables
Friendship Twists
Chenille Stem Crafts Animals and People
Window Butterfly
Springy Characters
Hope Caterpillars
Chenille Stem Crafts Cards/Gifts
Texture Cards
Stamped Card
Picture Frame
Pencil Holder or Candy Cup
Chenille Stem Crafts Verse Crafts
Jacob’s Ladder
Chenille Stem Crafts Ornaments
Candy Cane Ornament
Quick Crafting Instant Craft Helps
Instant Light Switch Covers
Quick Crafting Quick Ideas For Emergencies
Stamps for Ink or Paints
Paper Plate Masks
Paper Bag Puppets
Bible Costumes
Just for Fun
Craft Stick Fun