ACTive Bible Play

David C Cook

Here are 26 creative activities to engage students with meaningful and exciting Bible play! Help preschooler’s imaginations soar as they act out Bible stories with fanciful dress-up, finger puppet, and role-play activities. Dramatic play helps little ones explore feelings and new ideas. It also gives you opportunities to teach preschoolers how to express themselves and act in social situations.


Number Title
What's in Your Basket?
Animals Up, Down, and Around
Departing the Ark
Teddy Bear Beach Picnic
Walking on Clouds
Say a Prayer
Shoe Box Desert
God Says...
We Care
Partner Play
Hold on to Help
Wall Builders
An Angel Messenger
What Would You Do?
When I'm Sick
Special Delivery
What If?
Giving Forgiveness
Super Disciples
Learning about Jesus
Mini-Puppet Production
Stable Sounds
My Church
Musical Gloves