HIDE - Forward

Randall House

High schoolers will engage in thought-provoking questions, in-class discussion, and other resources to enhance their relationship with God.


Number Title
Welcome to Forward
Fall Old Testament - In The Beginning
Lesson 1 Where Do I Come From?
Lesson 2 Why Am I Here?
Lesson 3 Where Does Sin Come From?
Lesson 4 How Should I Live in a Fallen World?
Fall Special Topic - Tough Questions
Lesson 1 Making Sense of Evil
Lesson 2 It’s a Hurting World
Lesson 3 A Tragic Reality
Lesson 4 It Doesn’t Seem Fair!
Fall New Testament - God Among Us
Lesson 1 God in Human Flesh
Lesson 2 The Master at Work
Lesson 3 Cleaning House
Lesson 4 Hitting the Refresh Button
Lesson 5 Thirsty for More
Winter Special Topic - God With Us
Lesson 1 Temples of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 2 Fruitful Followers
Lesson 3 The Miracle Birth
Lesson 4 Helper, Comforter, and Speaker of Truth
Winter Old Testament - All-or-Nothing Faith
Lesson 1 The Unsinkable Ship
Lesson 2 Grace in the Storm
Lesson 3 No Tower Is High Enough
Lesson 4 All You Need Is Faith
Lesson 5 Leap of Faith
Winter New Testament - Going Viral: Lesson from the Early Church
Lesson 1 All Things in Common
Lesson 2 The Unstoppable Message
Lesson 3 Let It Grow
Lesson 4 Persecuted, But Not Abandoned
Spring New Testament - More Than a Man
Lesson 1 Do You Believe?
Lesson 2 How May I Serve You?
Lesson 3 Behold Your King
Lesson 4 This Changes Everything
Spring Special Topic - What's in a Name
Lesson 1 God Is LORD
Lesson 2 God Is the Almighty
Lesson 3 God Is the Shepherd
Lesson 4 God Is the Father
Spring Old Testament - Choosing Trust
Lesson 1 A Kick in the Guts
Lesson 2 The Whole Truth and Nothing But
Lesson 3 Why Me?
Lesson 4 Indescribable, Uncontainable God
Lesson 5 When Life “Falls” Together
Summer Special Topic - Faith, Meet Culture
Lesson 1 Absolute or Relative?
Lesson 2 In the World, Not Of It
Lesson 3 The Unlimited, Global Gospel
Lesson 4 When People Drive You Crazy
Summer Old Testament - God's Bigger Story
Lesson 1 By the Grace of God
Lesson 2 Never Alone
Lesson 3 Return to Bethel
Lesson 4 Always Behind the Scenes
Lesson 5 In Good Hands
Summer New Testament - Stand Up, Speak Out
Lesson 1 Worth Dying For
Lesson 2 Total Transformation
Lesson 3 Armed and Ready
Lesson 4 Faith Is All You Need
Fall New Testament - 24/7 Faith
Lesson 1 Blessings in Disguise
Lesson 2 Faith Works
Lesson 3 Do It God’s Way
Lesson 4 Patience, Perseverance, and Prayer
Fall Old Testament - Part of the Impossible
Lesson 1 Leaders Aren’t Born: They’re Made
Lesson 2 Operation Liberation
Lesson 3 Finally Free
Lesson 4 God of the Impossible
Lesson 5 Needy No Longer
Fall Special Topic - Fact Vs. Fiction
Lesson 1 God’s Army
Lesson 2 When Angels Go Bad
Lesson 3 Heavenly Chat Room
Winter New Testament - God With Us
Lesson 1 This Is My Son
Lesson 2 Winning the Battle
Lesson 3 Glory Revealed
Lesson 4 The Promised King
Winter Old Testament - God's Way > My Way
Lesson 1 The Original Top Ten
Lesson 2 Only God Is God
Lesson 3 Never Far Away
Lesson 4 When Fear Trumps Faith
Lesson 5 A Clean Slate
Winter Special Topic - Let Freedom Ring
Lesson 1 No One Can Boast
Lesson 2 Let Go and Let God
Lesson 3 Paying Grace Forward
Lesson 4 Love Is All You Need
Spring Old Testament - My Faith (And Nobody Else's)
Lesson 1 The Spy Who Saved Me
Lesson 2 Operation Faith
Lesson 3 Divine Intervention
Lesson 4 I Solemnly Pledge
Spring New Testament - King of Kings
Lesson 1 Make Way for the King
Lesson 2 Royal Pain
Lesson 3 Death, Where Is Your Victory?
Lesson 4 Mission: Go
Lesson 5 Return of the King
Spring Special Topic - Made for More
Lesson 1 You Are Not Your Own
Lesson 2 Shields Up
Lesson 3 The Way God Made Me
Lesson 4 Spitting Image
Summer Old Testament - Yes, God
Lesson 1 The Ingredient for Failure
Lesson 2 Trust and Obey
Lesson 3 When Less Is More
Lesson 4 Destructive Patterns
Summer New Testament - Don't Wait. Act Now!
Lesson 1 Pleasing God
Lesson 2 Hopeful Expectation
Lesson 3 Staying on Track
Lesson 4 Firm Faith
Lesson 5 Never Off Duty
Summer Special Topic - There's Only One First Place
Lesson 1 Only One God
Lesson 2 The Lure of Materialism
Lesson 3 Where Does the Time Go?
Lesson 4 Totally Devoted
Fall Old Testament - The Big Picture
Lesson 1 Loyal Love
Lesson 2 A Good Name
Lesson 3 The Redeemer and the Redeemed
Lesson 4 Wholly Surrendered
Fall Special Topic - Character Counts
Lesson 1 Enoch, the Man Who Was Nowhere To Be Found
Lesson 2 Noah, the Blameless Man Who Needed Grace
Lesson 3 Daniel, the Faithful Servant Whom God Greatly Loved
Lesson 4 Job, the Man Whose Integrity God Tested
Lesson 5 Joseph, The Faithful Man Who Saw Tomorrow
Fall New Testament - Christ First
Lesson 1 Undivided
Lesson 2 Pure in His Eyes
Lesson 3 Truly Content
Lesson 4 Free to Love
Winter New Testament - All for One, One for All
Lesson 1 Putting Others First
Lesson 2 Gifted
Lesson 3 Love: the Greatest of All
Lesson 4 Good News of Great Joy!
Lesson 5 Glory Awaits
Winter Old Testament - Stand Tall
Lesson 1 Bad Decisions and Consequences
Lesson 2 The Harder They Fall
Lesson 3 A Heart Like His
Lesson 4 Truth and Consequences
Winter Special Topic - Family Matters
Lesson 1 Becoming One
Lesson 2 When Families Are Imperfect
Lesson 3 Pass It On
Lesson 4 Making Up the Difference
Spring New Testament - What It Means to Be Free
Lesson 1 There Can Only Be One
Lesson 2 It's Always Been Faith
Lesson 3 Rags to Riches
Lesson 4 Family First
Spring Old Testament - Songs From the Heart
Lesson 1 Praising Him in Pain
Lesson 2 He Shall Reign Forever!
Lesson 3 A Lasting Love
Lesson 4 Bless the Lord
Lesson 5 When Under Attack
Spring Special Topic - Who Is God?
Lesson 1 The Greatest Love
Lesson 2 Holy! Holy! Holy!
Lesson 3 In Control
Lesson 4 Always the Same
Summer New Testament - It's Not About Me
Lesson 1 With Eternity in Mind
Lesson 2 Great Expectations
Lesson 3 Growing in Holiness
Lesson 4 Grace for Every Trial
Summer Old Testament - Real Talk
Lesson 1 A Prescription for Blessings
Lesson 2 Taste and See
Lesson 3 When We Can’t Find God
Lesson 4 Never-Ending Love Story
Lesson 5 Traveling Songs
Summer Special Topic - What Is Truth?
Lesson 1 Truth You Can Count On
Lesson 2 Truth Given by God
Lesson 3 Truth Kept Pure
Lesson 4 Truth Upheld
Fall Old Testament - Choose God
Lesson 1 Wise Up
Lesson 2 His Awesome Presence
Lesson 3 Choosing Wisely
Lesson 4 When It's Time To Stand
Lesson 5 The Moment of Truth
Fall New Testament - Found. Forgiven. Free.
Lesson 1 When Sinners Get What They Want
Lesson 2 Only One Way to Righteousness
Lesson 3 Abundant Grace
Lesson 4 A New Life
Fall Special Topic - When Life Gets Hard
Lesson 1 Why Can't We Just Get Along?
Lesson 2 Surviving the Most Difficult Losses of Life
Lesson 3 When Being Down Gets Dangerous
Lesson 4 When Life Throws a Curve
Winter Old Testament - Wise Up
Lesson 1 Wisdom 101
Lesson 2 When Wisdom is Lacking
Lesson 3 Getting It Right
Lesson 4 Wisdom at Christmas
Lesson 5 One Day at a Time
Winter New Testament - The New You
Lesson 1 Set Free
Lesson 2 Giving All to God
Lesson 3 Law Abiding Citizens
Lesson 4 When You Don't See Eye to Eye
Winter Special Topic - Keeping It Real
Lesson 1 The Real Thing
Lesson 2 Iron Sharpening Iron
Lesson 3 Like an Athlete in Training
Lesson 4 Pursuing Him With Purpose
Spring Old Testament - The Story of My Life
Lesson 1 The Story of My Life
Lesson 2 Chasing the Wind
Lesson 3 When More Isn't Enough
Lesson 4 Wisdom! What Is It Good For?
Lesson 5 What's the Point?
Spring New Testament - Love Conquers All
Lesson 1 What Love Really Looks Like
Lesson 2 Priceless in His Sight
Lesson 3 Death Could Not Hold Him
Lesson 4 Seek and Be Found
Spring Special Topic - Challenging Questions
Lesson 1 He Is There!
Lesson 2 Image Bearers
Lesson 3 Like No Other
Lesson 4 Only One Way
Summer New Testament - Walk Worthy
Lesson 1 Blessing Upon Blessing
Lesson 2 God's Amazing Grace
Lesson 3 Moving on to Maturity
Lesson 4 Walk Wisely
Lesson 5 Armed for Battle
Summer Old Testament - Choices and Consequences
Lesson 1 Faithful to the Finish
Lesson 2 Choose Wisely
Lesson 3 Never Too Young to Make a Difference
Lesson 4 From Bad to Worse
Summer Special Topic - Great News
Lesson 1 There is Power in the Blood
Lesson 2 Send the Light
Lesson 3 Transformed
Lesson 4 Hold On to Hope