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FUSION Teaching Essentials provides everything teachers of adults need to communicate effectively: a spiral-bound Fusion Teaching Guide, follow-along outlines, reproducible handouts, full-color posters, talk sheets, discussion guides, and more. FUSION Teaching Essentials also includes instructions for obtaining downloadable PowerPoint presentations plus the teaching outline for each lesson.


Number Title
Welcome Intro Welcome to Fusion
Fall Old Testament Unit - The Beginning
Lesson 1 Where Do I Come From?
Lesson 2 Why Am I Here?
Lesson 3 Where Does Sin Come From?
Lesson 4 How Should I Live in a Fallen World?
Fall Special Topic Unit - Demanding Questions
Lesson 1 If God Is So Good, Why Are People So Bad?
Lesson 2 A Hurting World
Lesson 3 The Tragic Reality of Hell
Lesson 4 It’s Not Fair!
Fall New Testament Unit - God Incarnate
Lesson 1 God in Human Flesh
Lesson 2 The Master at Work
Lesson 3 Tables Turned
Lesson 4 The Cure for a Snake Bite
Lesson 5 Water for the Needy
Winter Special Topic Unit - Our Very Great Helper
Lesson 1 A Different Kind of Temple
Lesson 2 Beautiful Fruit
Lesson 3 Christ Has Come!
Lesson 4 Comfort, Truth, and Testimony
Winter Old Testament Unit - World Shaping Events
Lesson 1 All Aboard!
Lesson 2 And the Rains Came
Lesson 3 A Monument to Human Pride
Lesson 4 Blessed to Be a Blesssing
Lesson 5 Extreme Faith
Winter New Testament Unit - Here Comes The Bride
Lesson 1 Filled With Power
Lesson 2 No Easy Road
Lesson 3 All Are Welcome
Lesson 4 When Things Get Ugly
Spring New Testament Unit - The Matchless Savior
Lesson 1 The Wait Was Worth It!
Lesson 2 No Room for Pride
Lesson 3 The Ultimate Sacrifice
Lesson 4 From Misery to Mission
Spring Special Topic Unit - The Power Of His Name
Lesson 1 How Excellent is Your Name!
Lesson 2 Power to Spare
Lesson 3 The Great Shepherd
Lesson 4 The Perfect Father
Spring Old Testament Unit - When Life Doesn't Make Sense
Lesson 1 When It All Comes Crashing Down
Lesson 2 The Truth, and Nothing But the Truth
Lesson 3 Why is This Happening?
Lesson 4 Beyond Comprehension
Lesson 5 When Life “Falls” Together
Summer Special Topic Unit - The World We Live In
Lesson 1 Can We Know?
Lesson 2 Supernatural Power for Living
Lesson 3 Breaking Down Barriers
Lesson 4 When People Drive You Crazy
Summer Old Testament Unit - God Builds a Nation
Lesson 1 Undeserved Blessings
Lesson 2 Never Alone
Lesson 3 From Deceiver to Patriarch
Lesson 4 Never Beyond His Reach
Lesson 5 In His Care
Summer New Testament Unit - Spreading the News
Lesson 1 Fear No Man
Lesson 2 Transformational Grace
Lesson 3 Sent Into the World
Lesson 4 A Passionate Defense
Fall New Testament Unit - Living Faith
Lesson 1 Blessings in Disguise
Lesson 2 Faith—Dead or Alive?
Lesson 3 Choosing God’s Way
Lesson 4 Just a Little Patience
Fall Old Testament Unit - God Delivers and Provides
Lesson 1 In Training
Lesson 2 Who, Me?
Lesson 3 Judgment Passes Over
Lesson 4 Nothing is Impossible
Lesson 5 God Provides
Fall Special Topic Unit - Not Of This World
Lesson 1 Angels; God’s Assistants
Lesson 2 The Devil and Demons: Angels Gone Bad
Lesson 3 Talking With Our Father
Lesson 4 Glory Forever!
Winter New Testament Unit - The God-Man
Lesson 1 The Kingdom Comes
Lesson 2 Beating Temptation
Lesson 3 Glory Revealed
Lesson 4 The King of Kings is Born
Winter Old Testament Unit - Commandments, Consequences, and Grace
Lesson 1 Written in Stone
Lesson 2 Harmful Substitutes
Lesson 3 A Place to Meet With God
Lesson 4 Rebel Heart
Lesson 5 A Clean Slate
Winter Special Topic Unit - Amazing Grace
Lesson 1 Not Our Doing
Lesson 2 The Weight Off Your Shoulders
Lesson 3 Giving Grace
Lesson 4 Love Guides All
Spring Old Testament Unit - Faith That Conquers
Lesson 1 Surviving Jericho
Lesson 2 A Different Way of Doing Things
Lesson 3 Divine Intervention
Lesson 4 Serious Business
Spring New Testament Unit - A King Like No Other
Lesson 1 Exalted, Yet Humble
Lesson 2 A King Dies for His Subjects
Lesson 3 Death Defeated
Lesson 4 Marching Orders
Lesson 5 He’s Coming Back
Spring Special Topic Unit - Following God's Design
Lesson 1 Embracing Purity
Lesson 2 On Guard
Lesson 3 The Way God Made Us
Lesson 4 In His Likeness
Summer Old Testament Unit - Mercy in the Midst of Disobedience
Lesson 1 The Downward Spiral
Lesson 2 Trust and Obey
Lesson 3 When Less Is More
Lesson 4 Destructive Patterns
Summer New Testament Unit - Living It Out
Lesson 1 Pleasing God
Lesson 2 He is Coming!
Lesson 3 Stay on Track
Lesson 4 Future-Proof Faith
Lesson 5 Doing My Part
Summer Special Topic Unit - Modern Day Idols
Lesson 1 Objects of Worship
Lesson 2 The Lure of Materialism
Lesson 3 Where Does the Time Go?
Lesson 4 Totally Devoted
Fall Old Testament Unit - Women of Faith
Lesson 1 Loyal Love
Lesson 2 A Good Name
Lesson 3 The Kinsman-Redeemer
Lesson 4 When God Makes You Wait
Fall Special Topic Unit - Practicing Integrity
Lesson 1 Enoch, The Man Who Was Nowhere To Be Found
Lesson 2 Noah, The Blameless Man Who Needed Grace
Lesson 3 Daniel, The Faithful Servant Whom God Greatly Loved
Lesson 4 Job, The man Whose Integrity God Tested
Lesson 5 Joseph, The Faithful Man Who Saw Tomorrow
Fall New Testament Unit - Living in Christ
Lesson 1 Undivided
Lesson 2 Pure In His Eyes
Lesson 3 Truly Content
Lesson 4 Free To Love
Winter New Testament Unit - Benefits of Belief
Lesson 1 Putting Others First
Lesson 2 Gifted To Serve
Lesson 3 Love: The Greatest Of All
Lesson 4 Good News of Great Joy!
Lesson 5 Glory Awaits
Winter Old Testament Unit - A Heart Like His
Lesson 1 Bad Decisions and Consequences
Lesson 2 The Harder They Fall
Lesson 3 Seeking to Please Him
Lesson 4 Stay on Guard
Winter Special Topic Unit - Faith, Family, and Discipleship
Lesson 1 Marriage: The Foundation for Family and Discipleship
Lesson 2 When Families Are Not Perfect
Lesson 3 Pass It On
Lesson 4 Making Up the Differences
Spring New Testament - By Faith Alone
Lesson 1 There Can Only Be One
Lesson 2 It's Always Been Faith
Lesson 3 Rags to Riches
Lesson 4 Family First
Spring Old Testament - Songs From the Heart
Lesson 1 Praising Him in Pain
Lesson 2 He Shall Reign Forever!
Lesson 3 A Lasting Love
Lesson 4 Bless The Lord
Lesson 5 When Under Attack
Spring Special Topic - None Like Him
Lesson 1 The Greatest Love
Lesson 2 Holy! Holy! Holy!
Lesson 3 In Control
Lesson 4 Always the Same
Summer New Testament - Stewards of the Gospel
Lesson 1 With Eternity in Mind
Lesson 2 Great Expectations
Lesson 3 Growing in Holiness
Lesson 4 Grace for Every Trial
Summer Old Testament - More Songs From the Heart
Lesson 1 A Prescription for Blessings
Lesson 2 Taste and See
Lesson 3 When We Can't Find God
Lesson 4 Past, Present, and Future
Lesson 5 A Reason for Hope
Summer Special Topic - Truth on Trial
Lesson 1 Truth You Can Count On
Lesson 2 Truth Given by God
Lesson 3 Truth Kept Pure
Lesson 4 Truth Upheld
Fall Old Testament - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Lesson 1 Wise Up
Lesson 2 His Awesome Presence
Lesson 3 Choosing Wisely
Lesson 4 When It's Time to Stand
Lesson 5 The Moment of Truth
Fall New Testament - Faith's Foundations
Lesson 1 When Sinners Get What They Want
Lesson 2 Only One Way to Righteousness
Lesson 3 Abundant Grace
Lesson 4 A New Life
Fall Special Topic - When Life Gets Hard
Why Can’t We Just Get Along?
Lesson 2 Surviving the Most Difficult Losses of Life
Lesson 3 When Being Down Gets Dangerous
Lesson 4 When Life Throws a Curve
Winter Old Testament - Walking in Wisdom
Lesson 1 Wisdom 101
Lesson 2 When Wisdom Is Lacking
Lesson 3 Getting It Right
Lesson 4 Wisdom At Christmas
Lesson 5 One Day At A Time
Winter New Testament - Walking in the Spirit
Lesson 1 Set Free
Lesson 2 Giving All To God
Lesson 3 Law Abiding Citizens
Lesson 4 When You Don't See Eye to Eye
Winter Special Topic - Living Out Authentic Faith
Lesson 1 The Real Thing
Lesson 2 Iron Sharpening Iron
Lesson 3 Like An Athlete In Training
Lesson 4 Pursuing Him With Purpose
Spring Old Testament - Chasing the Wind
Lesson 1 Coming Up Empty
Lesson 2 Chasing the Wind
Lesson 3 When More Isn't Enough
Lesson 4 Wisdom! What Is It Good For?
Lesson 5 What's The Point
Spring New Testament - To Seek and To Save
Lesson 1 What Love Really Looks Like
Lesson 2 Priceless in His Sight
Lesson 3 Death Could Not Hold Him
Lesson 4 Seek and Be Found
Spring Special Topic - Life's Big Questions
Lesson 1 He Is There!
Lesson 2 Image Bearers
Lesson 3 Like No Other
Lesson 4 Only One Way
Summer New Testament - Blessed!
Lesson 1 Blessing Upon Blessing
Lesson 2 God's Amazing Grace
Lesson 3 Moving on to Maturity
Lesson 4 Walk Wisely
Lesson 5 Armed for Battle
Summer Old Testament - Choices Matter
Lesson 1 Faithful to the Finish
Lesson 2 Choose Wisely
Lesson 3 Never Too Young to Make a Difference
Lesson 4 From Bad to Worse
Summer Special Topic - The Gospel Truth
Lesson 1 Power in the Blood
Lesson 2 Send the Light
Lesson 3 Transformed
Lesson 4 Hold On to Hope