God's Awesome Story

Family Time Training

A full year’s worth of weekly family activities that build to give everyone a more rich understanding of God’s Word and how we are part of His great story.


Number Title
God's Awesome Story Introduction
Activity 1 My Story
Activity 2 God's Story
Activity 3 Pictures of Heaven
Activity 4 Heaven Job Description
Activity 5 Middle East Map
Activity 6 Genesis Geography
Activity 7 New Testament Map
Activity 8 Great Commission
Activity 9 Mission Mail
Activity 10 Trinity
Activity 11 Holy God
Activity 12 Superhero
Activity 13 The Fire of the Holy Spirit
Activity 14 Angels
Activity 15 Ambassador
Activity 16 Remnant
Activity 17 Sinner
Activity 18 Satan, the Fallen Angel
Activity 19 Satan the Deceiver
Activity 20 Spiritual Battle
Activity 21 Creation
Activity 22 Old Testament Timeline
Activity 23 New Testament Timeline
Activity 24 Noah Storyboard
Activity 25 Abraham Storyboard
Activity 26 Moses Storyboard
Activity 27 Judges Storyboard
Activity 28 David Storyboard
Activity 29 Jonah Storyboard
Activity 30 Daniel Storyboard
Activity 31 Jesus Storyboard
Activity 32 Mary Storyboard
Activity 33 Peter Storyboard
Activity 34 Paul Storyboard
Activity 35 Newspaper Reporter
Activity 36 Seeing Scripture
Activity 37 Holy God
Activity 38 Bible Names and Places
Activity 39 Follow the Money
Activity 40 Idols Today
Activity 41 Currency of Heaven
Activity 42 Easter Week Calendar
Activity 43 Forgiven Sins Disappear
Activity 44 Resurrection to Ascension
Activity 45 Wheat and Weeds
Activity 46 The Rich Man and Lazarus
Activity 47 Hell Letter
Activity 48 Family Mission Statement