Let's Hear It for the Fruit of the Spirit

David C Cook

Let’s Hear It for the Fruit of the Spirit!takes kids on an exciting overview of the New Testament book of Acts. Beginning with Jesus’ promise to send the Holy Spirit, the twelve reproducible lessons track the growth of the early church as the Holy Spirit enabled Peter and John to speak boldly to the Sanhedrin and heal the lame man at the temple. Kids will learn of the generosity of Barnabas and marvel at Paul’s transformation from persecutor to preacher. These and many more lessons allow kids to open their hearts to the life-changing work of the Holy Spirit.


Number Title
Lesson 1 Help on the Way
Lesson 2 The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost
Lesson 3 For Goodness' Sake!
Lesson 4 Jump, Shout, Knock Yourself Out!
Lesson 5 Courage Under Fire
Lesson 6 Ananias in Action
Lesson 7 Barnabas At Bat
Lesson 8 Peter Escapes from Prison
Lesson 9 Crowd Control
Lesson 10 Home Away from Home
Lesson 11 Jailhouse Rock
Lesson 12 The Chariot Chase