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Jesus 4U!

David C Cook

Jesus 4U! gives kids 40 minutes to 1 1/2 hour lessons of solid Bible teaching and serious discipleship on 12 Jesus stories without hours of teacher preparation. Titles include: Follow that Star!, Come, Follow Me!, The Wedding at Cana, Lessons on a Hillside, The Very Big Little Lunch, Storm Stopper, Good Sam, A Little Girl Lives, LittleMan in a Big Tree, Through the Roof, One Sword too Many, and Easter Faith.


Number Title
Lesson 1 Follow that Star!
Lesson 2 Come, Follow Me!
Lesson 3 The Wedding at Cana
Lesson 4 Lessons on a Hillside
Lesson 5 The Very Big Little Lunch
Lesson 6 Storm Stopper
Lesson 7 Good Sam
Lesson 8 A Little Girl Lives
Lesson 9 Little Man in a Big Tree
Lesson 10 Through the Roof
Lesson 11 One Sword Too Many
Lesson 12 Easter Faith