King Davey and the Royal Tunes!

David C Cook

King Davey and the Royal Tunes! is another fabulous entry in the Pick Up ‘n’ Do series! As God’s top choice, young David went from shepherd boy to sover-eign ruler. And he loved to pluck the harp too! Experience the life of King David. Hear as Samuel anoints him the next king of Israel, fights a giant, makes a friend in Jonathan, flees from a jealous King Saul, encounters Nabal’s wife Abi-gail and cares for a crippled Mephibosheth and more! And, as an added bonus, you’ll also get lessons on the power and praise of Psalms 8 and 23!


Number Title
Lesson 1 “No...No...No...No...No... No...No...Yes, It’s David!”
Lesson 2 People Treasures
Lesson 3 Fe Fi Fo Fum—Giant Trouble
Lesson 4 Royal Friendship
Lesson 5 Escape!
Lesson 6 A Change of Heart
Lesson 7 Shepherd's Song
Lesson 8 Meet Abigail, The Bold!
Lesson 9 Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry
Lesson 10 A Covenant with David
Lesson 11 Mephibosheth Meets a Very Kind King
Lesson 12 Walk with God