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Survivor Bible Style!

David C Cook

Survivor Bible Style! introduces kids to spine-tingling adventures of Bible-time survivors, from Rahab and Gideon, to Esther, Daniel, Paul and many more! In one breathtaking adventure after another, kids will discover that God takes care of those who are faithful to him, no matter the odds against them. Reproducible lessons full of hair-raising escapes, spies in danger, and desperate plots will help kids learn that the God who intervened for his people throughout history still rules the world and watches over them today and every day!


Number Title
Lesson 1 Spies-es and Surprises!
Lesson 2 The Little Army that Could
Lesson 3 Showdown on Mt. Carmel
Lesson 4 Prophet on the Run
Lesson 5 Who’s Calling?
Lesson 6 Hezekiah in a Hot Spot
Lesson 7 Treasure in the Temple
Lesson 8 The Queen and Mr. Mean
Lesson 9 Way Cool
Lesson 10 The Not-So-Hungry Lions
Lesson 11 Ambush!
Lesson 12 Storm Warning