Red Edition

David C Cook

A 60-minute adventure takes your kids through the Discovery Trails to learn about the Bible story, Worship Trails to sing praises, share and pray, Wildlife Trails for the fun and creative craft and games related to the Bible story, and Happy Trails to review the Bible story, memory verse and songs.


Number Title
Fall Unit 1 - Creation
Lesson 1 We Can Trust God’s Plan in Creation
Lesson 2 God’s Useful and Beautiful World
Lesson 3 God Created All Kinds of Animals
Lesson 4 God Created People to Be Like Him
Fall Unit 2 - God Keeps His Promises
Lesson 5 Sin Is Wrong and Has Consequences
Lesson 6 God Is Able to Save Us
Lesson 7 God Keeps All His Promises
Lesson 8 God Helps Us When We Ask
Fall Unit 3 - The Exodus
Lesson 9 Doing More with God’s Help
Lesson 10 Trust God, but Keep Trying
Lesson 11 God Gives Us a Way to Be Saved
Lesson 12 Celebrate God!
Lesson 13 Using Our Talents for God
Winter Unit 4 - Conquering the Promised Land
Lesson 14 Strong and Brave
Lesson 15 Obey God Even When It Doesn’t Make Sense
Lesson 16 Ask God What to Do
Lesson 17 God Can Help in Big or Small Ways
Winter Unit 5 - Choosing and Losing
Lesson 18 Pay Attention to God’s Directions
Lesson 19 Let Your Choices Show That You Follow God
Lesson 20 God’s Power Is Greater Than Our Biggest Problems
Lesson 21 Don’t Be Jealous—Trust God Instead
Winter Unit 6 - Royalty and Loyalty
Lesson 22 Unselfish Friends
Lesson 23 God’s Way Is Better
Lesson 24 When Life Gets Tough
Lesson 25 Give God Credit
Spring Unit 7 - Wise to Advise
Lesson 26 Ask God for Wisdom
Lesson 27 Knowing What to Do
Lesson 28 Jesus Opens the Way to God
Lesson 29 Don’t Let Anything Turn You from God
Spring Unit 8 - A Time for Decision
Lesson 30 Sin Always Has Consequences
Lesson 31 Trust God for the Help You Need
Lesson 32 God Listens When We Pray
Lesson 33 There’s Only One God
Lesson 34 God Cares When We Feel Bad
Lesson 35 Learn from People Who Follow God
Spring Unit 9 - A Time for Courage
Lesson 36 Help with Any Problem
Lesson 37 Trust God and Do What’s Right
Lesson 38 A Nation That Disobeys God Is in Trouble
Lesson 39 Love God Every Day in Every Way
Summer Unit 10 - The Person Christ Needs
Lesson 40 Believing in Jesus Changes Us
Lesson 41 A Willing Heart
Lesson 42 We Give to Others
Lesson 43 Jesus’ Power Is for Real
Lesson 44 God Is with Us in Hard Times
Summer Unit 11 - Jesus the Savior
Lesson 45 The Promised Savior
Lesson 46 Jesus Is Both God and Human
Lesson 47 Good News! Jesus Is Born
Lesson 48 We Give the Gift of Worship
Summer Unit 12 - Jesus the Sacrifice
Lesson 49 Jesus Offers Eternal Life
Lesson 50 God Sent His Son to Die for Our Sins
Lesson 51 Jesus Died for Us
Lesson 52 Jesus Is Alive!
Lesson 53 Jesus Opens the Scriptures to Us