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Blue Edition

David C Cook

A 60-minute adventure takes your kids through the Discovery Trails to learn about the Bible story, Worship Trails to sing praises, share and pray, Wildlife Trails for the fun and creative craft and games related to the Bible story, and Happy Trails to review the Bible story, memory verse and songs.


Number Title
Fall Unit 1 - God Gives Us Families
Lesson 1 Families Care for One Another
Lesson 2 Families Help One Another
Lesson 3 Families Learn from One Another
Lesson 4 Love Your Family
Fall Unit 2 - God Gives Us Friends
Lesson 5 Friends Are Special
Lesson 6 Jesus Is a Special Friend
Lesson 7 Friends Help Each Other
Lesson 8 Jesus Can Help My Friends
Lesson 9 Jesus Can Help Me Share
Fall Unit 3 - God Gives Us the Church
Lesson 10 Learn from the Bible
Lesson 11 God’s People Give Their Offerings
Lesson 12 God’s People Pray for Each Other
Lesson 13 Church Leaders Care for God’s People
Winter Unit 4 - Jesus Is God's Son
14 Jesus Is Coming
15 Jesus Is Born!
16 There’s Good News for Everyone
17 Jesus Is God’s Son
Winter Unit 5 - God Helped Jesus Grow and Learn
18 God Took Care of Jesus
19 Jesus Grows Up and Learns
20 Jesus Pleases God
21 Jesus Says to Follow Him
Winter Unit 6 - Jesus Did Good Things
22 Jesus Cares about Everyone’s Needs
23 Jesus Loves Us
24 Jesus Teaches Us to Serve Others
25 Jesus Forgives Us
26 Ask God for Help
Spring Unit 7 - God Gives Us His Special Son
27 Believe That Jesus Is God’s Son
28 Jesus Prays for Us
29 Jesus Uses His Power to Help
30 We Can Praise Jesus Our King!
31 We Can Believe That Jesus Is Alive
Spring Unit 8 - God Gives Us a Wonderful World
32 Only God Can Make Plants
33 God Made All Kinds of Animals
34 People Are God’s Special Creation
35 God Wants People to Care for His World
Spring Unit 9 - God Gives Us What We Need to Live
36 God Cares about Where We Live
37 Be Friends to Others
38 God Can Help Us When We Are Afraid
39 God Gives Us Rules
Summer Unit 10 - God Loves Us
40 God Knows What You Need
41 Pray to Our Loving God
42 God Is with Us Wherever We Go
43 God Cares about Our Safety
Summer Unit 11 - We Show Our Love to God
44 Love God by Thanking Him
45 Love God by Hearing His Word
46 Love God by Obeying Him
47 Love God by Making Good Choices
48 Love God by Trusting His Care
Summer Unit 12 - We Learn to Love One Another
Lesson 49 Love God and Others
50 Love by Forgiving
51 Love by Giving
52 Love by Sharing