Green Edition

David C Cook

A 60-minute adventure takes your kids through the Discovery Trails to learn about the Bible story, Worship Trails to sing praises, share and pray, Wildlife Trails for the fun and creative craft and games related to the Bible story, and Happy Trails to review the Bible story, memory verse and songs.


Number Title
Fall Unit 1 - We Are Important to Jesus
Lesson 1 Jesus Knows All about Us
Lesson 2 Ask Jesus
Lesson 3 Believe in Jesus
Lesson 4 We Are Pretty Important Sheep
Fall Unit 2 - Jesus Shows Us What God Is Like
Lesson 5 God Can Do Anything
Lesson 6 God Can Heal
Lesson 7 Jesus Shows Us God’s Love
Lesson 8 Jesus Shows Us God’s Forgiveness
Lesson 9 Jesus Shows Us How God Wants Us to Act
Fall Unit 3 - God Made the World
Lesson 10 God Made Day and Night
Lesson 11 God Made Sky, Water, and Land
Lesson 12 God Made the Four Seasons
Lesson 13 God Made All the Animals
Winter Unit 4 - God Sent His Son, Jesus
Lesson 14 An Angel Told Mary about God’s Plan
Lesson 15 Listen Carefully and Obey
Lesson 16 We Welcome Jesus
Lesson 17 Tell Others about Jesus
Lesson 18 Worship Jesus
Winter Unit 5 - God Made Us
Lesson 19 Our Creator Knows Us
Lesson 20 God Made Us and Gives Us Jobs
Lesson 21 God Made Us Each Wonderfully Different
Lesson 22 God Wants Us to Get Along
Winter Unit 6 - We Worship God Together
Lesson 23 We Worship God by Giving
Lesson 24 We Worship God by Learning His Word
Lesson 25 We Worship God by Praying
Lesson 26 We Worship God with Music
Spring Unit 7 - Jesus Shows His Love and Greatness
Lesson 27 Jesus Is All-Powerful
Lesson 28 Jesus Can Help!
Lesson 29 Trust Jesus
Lesson 30 We Can Learn about God
Lesson 31 Understand What Jesus Says
Spring Unit 8 - Jesus and His Friends and Show His Love
Lesson 32 Jesus Always Loves Us
Lesson 33 Jesus Is Our King!
Lesson 34 Tell Everyone That Jesus Lives!
Lesson 35 Good Teachers for Jesus
Spring Unit 9 - Jesus' Friends Help One Another
Lesson 36 Jesus’ Friends Help Others
Lesson 37 Families Help Us
Lesson 38 Jesus’ Friends Work Together
Lesson 39 Tell Friends about Jesus
Summer Unit 10 - God Takes Care of Us
Lesson 40 God Gives Us Food
Lesson 41 God Gives Us Water
Lesson 42 God Has Great Plans
Lesson 43 God Keeps His Promises
Lesson 44 God Wants Us to Share
Summer Unit 11 - God Teaches Us to Care for Others
Lesson 45 Care for Others by Getting Along
Lesson 46 Care for Others by Forgiving
Lesson 47 Care for Others by Being Kind
Lesson 48 Care for Others by Helping
Lesson 49 Care for Others by Doing Your Job
Summer Unit 12 - Jesus Cares for Everyone
Lesson 50 Jesus Cares about Everyone
Lesson 51 Care as Jesus Cared
Lesson 52 Thank Jesus for Caring
Lesson 53 Jesus Cares When We’re Lonely