David C Cook

Bible-in-Life's Comprehensive Bible Study is a best-selling, curriculum that follows the International Sunday School Lectionary (ISSL). Each lesson inspires adults, promotes community among others, and challenges them to grow spiritually. Adults are equipped to build a deeper understanding of Bible principles and encouraged toward in-depth participation and life application. Bible-in-Life supports adults of all age ranges and throughout all stages of life.


Number Title
Fall - The Christian Community Comes Alive Unit 1 - Seeds of New Growth
Lesson 1 Praying for One Another
Lesson 2 Sharing All Things
Lesson 3 Witnessing to the Truth
Lesson 4 Remembering God's Faithfulness
Fall - The Christian Community Comes Alive Unit 2 - Giving Bold Testimony
Lesson 5 The Spirit Is Not for Sale
Lesson 6 Saul Earns Credibility
Lesson 7 Peter Takes a Risk
Lesson 8 Trusting the Spirit
Fall - The Christian Community Comes Alive Unit 3 - Spreading the Gospel
Lesson 9 Prayer Works!
Lesson 10 God Makes No Distinction
Lesson 11 From Derbe to Philippi
Lesson 12 Turning the World Upside Down
Lesson 13 Teaching God's Word
Winter - Sacred Gifts and Holy Gatherings Unit 1 - What We Bring to God
Lesson 1 The Lord's Day
Lesson 2 Acceptable Offerings
Lesson 3 Dedication of the Firstborn
Lesson 4 A Generous Gift
Winter - Sacred Gifts and Holy Gatherings Unit 2 - Four Weddings and a Funeral
Lesson 5 A Bride Worth Waiting For
Lesson 6 The Most Beautiful Bride
Lesson 7 An Unfaithful Bride
Lesson 8 A Wedding in Cana
Lesson 9 The Death of a Friend
Winter - Sacred Gifts and Holy Gatherings Unit 3 - Holy Days
Lesson 10 Passover
Lesson 11 Feast of Weeks
Lesson 12 The Day of Atonement
Lesson 13 The Feast of Booths
Spring - The Gift of Faith Unit 1 - Tests of Faith
Lesson 1 Powerful Faith
Lesson 2 A Generous Life
Lesson 3 Struggling Faith
Lesson 4 He Is Risen!
Spring - The Gift of Faith Unit 2 - Restorative Faith
Lesson 5 Renewed Health
Lesson 6 A Fresh Start
Lesson 7 A Sound Mind
Lesson 8 A Family Reunion
Spring - The Gift of Faith Unit 3 - Fullness of Faith
Lesson 9 Increased Faith
Lesson 10 Grateful Faith
Lesson 11 Humble Faith
Lesson 12 Childlike Faith
Lesson 13 Joyous Faith
Summer - Toward a New Creation Unit 1- Judgment and Salvation
Lesson 1 The Day of the Lord
Lesson 2 The Consequences of Disobedience
Lesson 3 The Joy of Restoration
Summer - Toward a New Creation Unit 2 - A World Gone Wrong
Lesson 4 Ignoring God's Plain Truth
Lesson 5 Ignoring God's Truth within Us
Lesson 6 We're All under Sin's Power
Lesson 7 God Set Things Right
Summer - Toward a New Creation Unit 3 - Life on God's Terms
Lesson 8 Not without Hope
Lesson 9 Death Becomes Life
Lesson 10 Safe in God's Love
Lesson 11 Living under God's Mercy
Lesson 12 God Prunes and Grafts
Lesson 13 Love Fulfills the Law
Fall - The Sovereignty of God Unit 1 - Sovereignty of God
Lesson 1 A World at Peace
Lesson 2 The End of Oppression
Lesson 3 Ultimate Power
Lesson 4 Reliable Promises
Fall - The Sovereignty of God Unit 2 - Sovereignty of Jesus
Lesson 5 Seeking Guidance
Lesson 6 The Builder of the House
Lesson 7 Gifted and Chosen Leaders
Lesson 8 Seeking Continuity and Permanence
Lesson 9 Embracing and Overcoming Trials
Fall - The Sovereignty of God Unit 3 - Alpha and Omega
Lesson 10 Making Things New
Lesson 11 A New Jerusalem
Lesson 12 Life and Healing
Lesson 13 From Beginning to End
Winter - Creation: A Divine Cycle Unit 1 - The Savior Has Been Born
Lesson 1 God Promises a Savior
Lesson 2 The Affirmation of the Promise
Lesson 3 The Forerunner of the Savior
Lesson 4 Joyous News!
Winter - Creation: A Divine Cycle Unit 2 - Praise from and for God's Creation
Lesson 5 Praising God the Creator
Lesson 6 All Creation Overflows with Praise
Lesson 7 Praise God the Provider
Lesson 8 The Master Designer
Lesson 9 All Creation Praises God
Winter - Creation: A Divine Cycle Unit 3 - The Birthing of a New Community
Lesson 10 Re-Created to Live in Harmony
Lesson 11 A New Birth Brings Freedom
Lesson 12 Freedom in Christ
Lesson 13 Fruitful Living
Spring - God Loves Us Unit 1 - God's Eternal, Preserving, Renewing Love
Lesson 1 Perfect Love
Lesson 2 Saving Grace
Lesson 3 The Joy of Love
Lesson 4 Restoring Relationships
Spring - God Loves Us Unit 2 - God's Caring, Saving, and Upholding Love
Lesson 5 God as Our Shepherd
Lesson 6 What Is This Love?
Lesson 7 God's Love as Victory over Death
Lesson 8 God's Reconciling Love
Lesson 9 God's Preserving Love
Spring - God Loves Us Unit 3 - God's Pervasive and Sustaining Love
Lesson 10 When Calamity Comes
Lesson 11 Rescued from Danger
Lesson 12 A Wake-Up Call
Lesson 13 Seeing the Big Picture
Summer - God's Urgent Call Unit 1 - Called to Be Strong
Lesson 1 Deborah and Barak
Lesson 2 Gideon's Call
Lesson 3 Jephthah Answers the Call
Lesson 4 Samson's Call
Summer - God's Urgent Call Unit 2 - Calling of Prophets
Lesson 5 Moses and the Burning Bush
Lesson 6 Isaiah in the Temple
Lesson 7 Jeremiah's Call and Commission
Lesson 8 Ezekiel's Call
Lesson 9 Amos's Call
Summer - God's Urgent Call Unit 3 - Calls in the New Testament
Lesson 10 Called to Witness
Lesson 11 Called to Break Down Barriers
Lesson 12 Called to Preach
Lesson 13 Called to Be Inclusive
Fall - Covenants With God Unit 1 - Signs of God's Covenants
Lesson 1 Making a Promise
Lesson 2 A Sign of Agreement
Lesson 3 Taking Time to Rest and Renew
Lesson 4 A Change of Heart
Fall - Covenants With God Unit 2 - God Calls Us into Covenant
Lesson 5 God's Covenant with Abram
Lesson 6 God's Covenant with Israel
Lesson 7 Obeying God's Law
Lesson 8 God's Covenant with David
Lesson 9 God's Covenant with the Returned Exiles
Fall - Covenants With God Unit 3 - An Everlasting Covenant
Lesson 10 Faithful God, Unfaithful People
Lesson 11 Promise of a New Covenant
Lesson 12 The Mediator of a New Covenant
Lesson 13 Promises to Remember
Winter - Faith In Action Unit 1 - The Early Church Proclaims Faith in Christ
Lesson 1 Faith in Jesus
Lesson 2 A Faith to Discern
Lesson 3 Faith to Persevere
Lesson 4 Faithful Seekers of the King
Lesson 5 Faith to Unite
Winter - Faith In Action Unit 2 - Living Faith in God
Lesson 6 A Sincere Faith
Lesson 7 A Bold Faith
Lesson 8 Prayer for an Obedient Faith
Lesson 9 A Strong Faith
Winter - Faith In Action Unit 3 - Self-controlled, Upright, and Godly Faith
Lesson 10 Faith Without Works is Dead
Lesson 11 A Disciplined Faith
Lesson 12 Faithful Disciples
Lesson 13 The Good Fight of Faith
Spring - Acknowledging God Unit 1 - Follow in My Ways
Lesson 1 The Lord Will Provide
Lesson 2 There Is No God Like You
Lesson 3 The People Gave Thanks to God
Lesson 4 Keep My Statutes and Ordinances
Spring - Acknowledging God Unit 2 - All Glory and Honor
Lesson 5 He Has Risen!
Lesson 6 The Risen Lord Appears
Lesson 7 Follow Me
Lesson 8 The Lord God the Almighty
Lesson 09 Blessing, Glory, Honor Forever
Spring - Acknowledging God Unit 3 - Give Praise to God
Lesson 10 Giving from a Generous Heart
Lesson 11 Bringing First Fruits
Lesson 12 Remembering with Joy
Lesson 13 Rejoicing in Restoration
Summer - Justice in the New Testament Unit 1 - God Is Just and Merciful
Lesson 1 Justice and Sabbath Laws
Lesson 2 Parables of God's Just Kingdom
Lesson 3 Jesus Teaches About Justice
Lesson 4 Reaping God's Justice
Summer - Justice in the New Testament Unit 2 - Jesus Calls for Justice and Mercy
Lesson 5 Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
Lesson 6 Jesus Criticizes Unjust Leaders
The Widow and the Unjust Judge
Lesson 8 Entering God's Kingdom
Parable of the Great Dinner
Summer - Justice in the New Testament Unit 3 - Paul Teaches about New Life in Christ
Lesson 10 God's Justice
Lesson 11 Giving Justly
Lesson 12 Loving and Just Behavior
Lesson 13 Practicing Justice
Fall - God's World and God's People Unit 1 - God Creates the World
Lesson 1 God Creates Heaven and Earth
Lesson 2 God Creates Lights and Life
Lesson 3 God Creates People
Lesson 4 God Creates the Family
Lesson 5 God Confronts Sin
Fall - God's World and God's People Unit 2 - God Destroys and Re-Creates
Lesson 6 The Righteousness of Noah
Lesson 7 The Call of Abram
Lesson 8 The Birth of the Promised Son
Lesson 9 The Marriage of Isaac
Fall - God's World and God's People Unit 3 - God Blesses and Re-Creates Regardless
Lesson 10 Siblings' Rivalry
Lesson 11 Jacob's Deception
Lesson 12 Jacob's Dream
Lesson 13 God's Blessing
Winter - Our Love for God Unit 1 - God Is Worthy of Our Love
Lesson 1 Love and Obey God
Lesson 2 Love and Serve God
Lesson 3 Love and Worship God
Lesson 4 Love God for the Gift of Jesus
Lesson 5 Love God and Serve Others
Winter - Our Love for God Unit 2 - Loving God by Trusting Christ
Lesson 6 Walk in Love
Lesson 7 Submit to God
Lesson 8 Rejoice in All Circumstances
Lesson 9 Imitate Christ
Lesson 10 Press On in Christ
Winter - Our Love for God Unit 3 - Songs that Glorify the God of Love
Lesson 11 Our Loving God
Lesson 12 Our Mighty God
Lesson 13 Our Rescuing God
Spring - Discipleship and Mission Unit 1 - Call to Discipleship
Lesson 1 Called to Serve
Lesson 2 Called to Sacrifice
Lesson 3 Called to Return
Lesson 4 Called to Repent
Spring - Discipleship and Mission Unit 2 - Call to Ministry
Lesson 5 Called to Follow
Lesson 6 Called to Mission
Lesson 7 Called to Remember
Lesson 8 Called to Believe the Resurrection
Lesson 9 Called to Make Disciples
Spring - Discipleship and Mission Unit 3 - Call to Life in Christ
Lesson 10 Called to Righteousness
Lesson 11 Called to Life in the Spirit
Lesson 12 Called to Mutual Acceptance
Lesson 13 Called to Be Transformed
Summer Unit 1 - A Fulfilled Covenant
Lesson 1 Jesus Institutes the New Covenant
Lesson 2 Jesus Seals the New Covenant
Lesson 3 The New Covenant's Sacrifice
Lesson 4 Hearts United in Love
Summer Unit 2 - A Heartfelt Covenant
Lesson 5 Jesus Teaches about Right Attitudes
Lesson 6 Jesus Teaches about Fulfilling the Law
Lesson 7 Jesus Teaches Us to Love One Another
Lesson 8 Jesus Teaches about Transforming Love
Lesson 9 Jesus Teaches about Spiritual Discernment
Summer Unit 3 - Covenant: A Personal Perspective
Lesson 10 A Covenant between Friends
Lesson 11 A Mother-Daughter Covenant
Lesson 12 A Covenant to Marry
Lesson 13 Marriage: A Covenant of Mutual Love
Fall Unit 1 - God Is Faithful
Lesson 1 Faithful During Distress
Lesson 2 Faith During Grief
Lesson 3 Faith During Uncertainty
Lesson 4 Faithful Despite Unfaithfulness
Lesson 5 Faithful in Consequences
Fall Unit 2 - Responses to God's Faithfulness
Lesson 6 Obedient Faith
Lesson 7 Active Faith
Lesson 8 Humble Faith
Lesson 9 Grateful Faith
Fall Unit 3 - Faith Leads to Holy Living
Lesson 10 Faith That Is Tested
Lesson 11 Faith That Sets an Example
Lesson 12 Faith That Is Focused
Lesson 13 Faith That Escapes Corruption
Winter Unit 1 - David Honors God
Lesson 1 David's Worship
Lesson 2 David's Gratitude
Lesson 3 David's House
Lesson 4 Mary's Praise
Lesson 5 David's Prayer
Winter Unit 2 - Dedicating the Temple of God
Lesson 6 Solomon Summons the Ark
Lesson 7 Solomon Speaks to the People
Lesson 8 Solomon Seeks God's Blessing
Lesson 9 Solomon Anticipates Praise Ahead
Winter Unit 3 - Jesus Teaches about True Worship
Lesson 10 Single-minded Obedience
Lesson 11 God-honoring Piety
Lesson 12 Kingdom-seeking Prayer
Lesson 13 Ever-persevering Petitions
Spring Unit 1 - God Requires Justice
Lesson 1 A Call to Accountability
Lesson 2 A Prayer for Justice
Lesson 3 Consequences for Injustice
Lesson 4 An Argument Against Corruption
Lesson 5 Need for Just Leaders
Spring Unit 2 - God Promises a Just Kingdom
Lesson 6 A Just Servant
Lesson 7 A Resurrected Savior
Lesson 8 An Executed Scoundrel
Lesson 9 A Justice-Loving God
Spring Unit 3 - Called to God's Work of Justice
Lesson 10 Prophesying Restoration
Lesson 11 Promising Peace
Lesson 12 Practice Justice
Lesson 13 Repent of Injustice
Lesson 14 Pursue Love and Justice
Summer Unit 1 - Wisdom in Proverbs
Lesson 1 Listen to God's Wisdom
Lesson 2 Value Wisdom
Lesson 3 Receive Wisdom's Gifts
Lesson 4 Feast with Wisdom
Summer Unit 2 - Wisdom in the Gospels
Lesson 5 Vindicating Wisdom
Lesson 6 The Boy Jesus
Lesson 7 The Wisdom of Jesus
Lesson 8 Wisdom to Follow
Summer Faith and Wisdom in James
Lesson 9 Faith and Wisdom
Lesson 10 Hearing and Doing the Word
Lesson 11 Faith without Works Is Dead
Lesson 12 Taming the Tongue
Lesson 13 Two Kinds of Wisdom