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David C Cook

Bible-in-Life Elementary edition for second and third graders presents a fun and God-honoring learning experience that matches their growing independence and responsibility, along with their capacity to grasp the love of God within His Word, the Bible. Lessons are equipped to develop their increasing vocabulary and memorization ability, writing and drawing skills, and application of the truths within God's Word. The emphasis moves from learning Bible stories to actual Bible study and life application.


Number Title
Fall Unit 1 - The God Who Created Us
Lesson 1 God's Plan in Creation
Lesson 2 Appreciating Creation
Lesson 3 Our Amazing Creator
Lesson 4 Created in God’s Image
Fall Unit 2 - The God Who Corrects Us
Lesson 5 Sin Has Consequences
Lesson 6 God Knows When We Sin
Lesson 7 Doing What’s Right
Lesson 8 God Is Able to Save Us
Fall Unit 3 - The God Who Calls Us
Lesson 9 Following God’s Direction
Lesson 10 Getting Along with Others
Lesson 11 God Keeps His Promises
Lesson 12 Trusting in God
Lesson 13 God Helps Me When I Ask
Winter Unit 4 - Jesus: His Birth
Lesson 1 God Promised Us a Savior
Lesson 2 Jesus is Worthy of Worship
Lesson 3 Tell the Good News!
Lesson 4 Jesus is the Savior
Winter Unit 5 - Jesus: His Mission
Lesson 5 Growing Up in a Family
Lesson 6 Learning about God
Lesson 7 Showing Commitment
Lesson 8 Knowing the Bible
Lesson 9 Following Jesus
Winter Unit 6 - Jesus: His Miracles
Lesson 10 When I Have Problems
Lesson 11 When I Hurt
Lesson 12 When I’m Afraid
Lesson 13 When I Have Needs
Year 1 Spring
Year 1: Palm Sunday Jesus Died for Us
Year 2: Easter Jesus Lives!
Unit 7 - Jesus Is Our Friend and Savior
Lesson 1 Jesus Offers Eternal Life
Lesson 2 Jesus Forgives
Lesson 3 Jesus Accepts
Unit 8 - Living a Godly Life
Lesson 4 Jesus Opens the Scriptures
Lesson 5 Jesus Promises a Helper
Lesson 6 Jesus Reaches Out
Unit 9 - Getting Along
Lesson 7 Being Honest
Lesson 8 Forgiving Others
Lesson 9 Controlling Jealousy
Lesson 10 Honoring God
Lesson 11 Doing Good
Summer Unit 10 - Together as Believers
Lesson 1 Gathering Together
Lesson 2 Respecting Leaders
Lesson 3 Serving Others
Lesson 4 Making Wise Choices
Summer Unit 11 - Talking with God
Lesson 5 Prayers Anywhere
Lesson 6 Trusting God’s Answers
Lesson 7 Prayers from the Heart
Lesson 8 Prayers for All People
Lesson 9 Prayer of Thanks
Summer Unit 12 - Connecting with God's Word
Lesson 10 The Bible–God’s Word
Lesson 11 The Bible Lasts Forever
Lesson 12 The Bible Presents Jesus
Lesson 13 The Bible Today
Fall Unit 13 - Escaping Egypt
Lesson 1 God Sees the Outcome
Lesson 2 God’s Power for Us
Lesson 3 Trust God & Keep Trying
Lesson 4 God’s Way to Be Saved
Fall Unit 14 - God Delivers Us
Lesson 5 Celebrate!
Lesson 6 Whining and Thanking
Lesson 7 Living God’s Way
Lesson 8 Giving Our Talents
Fall Unit 15 - Following God with Courage
Lesson 9 Strong and Brave
Lesson 10 Hard Choices
Lesson 11 Trust and Obey
Lesson 12 Pause to Pray
Lesson 13 God Can Help
Winter Unit 16 - God's Plan
Lesson 1 God’s Heroes
Lesson 2 God’s Way
Lesson 3 God’s Plan
Lesson 4 Our Gift to Jesus
Winter Unit 17 - Who Jesus is
Lesson 5 Everyday with Jesus
Lesson 6 Stand Up for What’s Right
Lesson 7 What Really Matters
Lesson 8 Our Biggest Problems
Lesson 9 Believing in Jesus
Winter Unit 18 - What Jesus Said
Lesson 10 Forgiving Others
Lesson 11 Loving God and Others
Lesson 12 Putting Others First
Lesson 13 How to Treat Others
Year 2 Spring
Year 2: Palm Sunday Close to Jesus
Year 2: Easter Jesus Lives
Year 2: Ascension Jesus Comforts
Unit 19 - Final Days of Jesus
Lesson 1 Jesus Serves
Lesson 2 Jesus’ Sacrifice
Unit 20 - Jesus Conquers Death
Lesson 3 Jesus Accepts Us
Lesson 4 Loving Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Strengthens Us
Unit 21 - How Believers Live
Lesson 6 Telling about Jesus
Lesson 7 Working as a Team
Lesson 8 Sharing and Doing Good
Lesson 9 Accepting Others
Lesson 10 Praying about Problems
Summer Unit 22 - Rules to Live By
Lesson 1 Put God First!
Lesson 2 God’s Special Day
Lesson 3 Honoring Parents
Lesson 4 Learn to Be Content
Lesson 5 Tell the Truth
Summer Unit 23 - Who God Is
Lesson 6 Only God Is Holy
Lesson 7 The Good Shepherd
Lesson 8 God Forgives Us
Lesson 9 Real or Phony?
Summer Unit 24 - Living Out Our Faith
Lesson 10 Helpful, Hurtful Words
Lesson 11 No Fighting!
Lesson 12 Sharing the Work
Lesson 13 Hang in There!
Fall Unit 25 - Good and Bad Choices
Lesson 1 God's Direction
Lesson 2 Godly Choices
Lesson 3 Giant-Size Problems
Lesson 4 Jealousy & Trust
Lesson 5 Unselfish Friendships
Fall Unit 26 - Taking a Stand for God
Lesson 6 Don't Get Even
Lesson 7 When Life Gets Tough
Lesson 8 Give God Credit
Lesson 9 Showing Kindness
Fall Unit 27 - Following Wisdom
Lesson 10 God's Wisdom
Lesson 11 Wisdom for Problems
Lesson 12 The Way to God
Lesson 13 Keep Going God's Way
Winter Unit 28 - Willing to Serve
Lesson 1 Changed Lives
Lesson 2 Willing Hearts
Lesson 3 The Savior Is Born!
Lesson 4 The Best Choice
Winter Unit 29 - Ready to Serve
Lesson 5 All Over the World
Lesson 6 Telling Others
Lesson 7 Learning about Jesus
Lesson 8 Giving to Others
Lesson 9 Doing Our Part
Winter Unit 30 - Power to Serve
Lesson 10 Real Power
Lesson 11 Hard Times
Lesson 12 Chances to Help
Lesson 13 Prayers of Care
Year 3 Spring
[Easter] Jesus Is Alive!
Unit 31 - A Time for Decision
Lesson #1 Sin Brings Consequences
Lesson #2 God Helps Us
Lesson #3 God Is Listening
Lesson #4 There Is Only One God
Unit 32 - A Time for Concern
Lesson #5 God Cares
Lesson #6 Learn From Others
Lesson #7 Help Each Other
Lesson #8 God Is Great!
Lesson 9 Don't Do Wrong
Unit 33 - A Time for Courage
Lesson #10 Trust In God
Lesson #11 Love God
Lesson #12 Get Ready to Serve
Summer Unit 34 - Our Heavenly Father
Lesson 1 Never Alone
Lesson 2 Wait! God Will Help Us
Lesson 3 God Deserves Our Praise
Lesson 4 God Can Help
Lesson 5 Confess Your Sins
Summer Unit 35 - My Family
Lesson 6 Keep Believing
Lesson 7 Spend Time with Jesus
Lesson 8 Jesus Cares for Families
Lesson 9 Believe in Jesus
Summer Unit 36 - My Church Family
Lesson 10 Let's Pray Together
Lesson 11 Working Together
Lesson 12 Giving Gladly
Lesson 13 Following Our Leaders