Early Elementary

David C Cook

Bible-in-Life Early Elementary edition provides children in kindergarten and first grade with an engaging learning experience that opens their hearts and minds to God's Word and the love of Jesus as they begin to form a foundation of faith. Children learn Bible stories through interactive storytelling, sing along to custom music that reinforces Bible themes, create craft projects with increased independence, and apply the story theme to their own lives.


Number Title
Spring 2020 Bonus Lesson 14 God Is Worthy Of Worship
Fall Unit 1- God Gives Us Families
Lesson 1 Caring Families
Lesson 2 Helpful Families
Lesson 3 Learning from My Family
Lesson 4 Love Our Families
Fall Unit 2 - God Gives Us Friends
Lesson 5 Friends Are Special
Lesson 6 Jesus Is My Friend
Lesson 7 I Can Help My Friends
Lesson 8 Jesus Can Help My Friends
Lesson 9 Share What You Have
Fall Unit 3 - God Gives Us the Church
Lesson 10 Learning from the Bible
Lesson 11 Giving Our Offerings
Lesson 12 God’s People Pray
Lesson 13 Church Leaders Care
Winter Unit 4 - Jesus Is God's Son
Lesson 1 Jesus Is Coming
Lesson 2 Jesus Is Born!
Lesson 3 Good News, Everyone
Lesson 4 Jesus Is God’s Son
Winter Unit 5 - God's Son Grew Up
Lesson 5 God Takes Care of Jesus and Me
Lesson 6 Growing and Learning
Lesson 7 Pleasing God
Lesson 8 Follow Me
Winter Unit 6 - Jesus Did Good Things
Lesson 9 Jesus Cares
Lesson 10 Jesus Loves Us
Lesson 11 Serve Others
Lesson 12 Jesus Forgives Us
Lesson 13 Ask God for Help
Year 1 Spring
Year 1: Palm Sunday Praising Jesus
Year 1: Easter Jesus Is Alive!
Year 1: Ascension Jesus Loves Us
Unit 7 - God's Special Son
Lesson 1 Knowing Jesus
Lesson 2 Jesus Prays for Us
Unit 8 - God's Wonderful World
Lesson 3 God Made Plants
Lesson 4 God Made the Animals
Lesson 5 God Created People
Lesson 6 Caring for God’s World
Unit 9 - God Meets Our Needs
Lesson 7 Our Homes
Lesson 8 Be a Friend
Lesson 9 I’m Afraid
Lesson 10 God’s Rules
Summer Unit 10 - God Loves Us
Lesson 1 God Knows Your Needs
Lesson 2 Learning to Pray
Lesson 3 God Is with Us
Lesson 4 God Protects Noah
Summer Unit 11 - We Love God
Lesson 5 Thanking God
Lesson 6 Listen Up!
Lesson 7 Love by Obeying
Lesson 8 Good Choices
Lesson 9 Trusting God
Summer Unit 12 - We Love Others
Lesson 10 Love God and Others
Lesson 11 Keep On Forgiving
Lesson 12 Giving Cheerfully
Lesson 13 Sharing Shows Love
Fall Unit 13 - We Are Important to Jesus
Lesson 1 Jesus Knows Me
Lesson 2 Jesus Can Help
Lesson 3 Jesus Helps Us Believe
Lesson 4 I’m Important!
Fall Unit 14 - Jesus Helps Us
Lesson 5 Jesus Can Do Anything
Lesson 6 Jesus Heals
Lesson 7 Show Love
Lesson 8 God Forgives
Lesson 9 Treating Others Well
Fall Unit 15 - God Made the World
Lesson 10 God Made Day and Night
Lesson 11 God Made Sky, Water, and Land
Lesson 12 God Made Four Seasons
Lesson 13 God Made a Wonderful World
Winter Unit 16 - God Sent His Son
Lesson 1 God’s Plan in My Life
Lesson 2 A Way to Obey
Lesson 3 Welcome Jesus
Lesson 4 Tell about Jesus
Lesson 5 Worship Jesus
Winter Unit 17 - God Made Us
Lesson 6 God Made Us
Lesson 7 What's My Job?
Lesson 8 We're Different!
Lesson 9 Getting Along
Winter Unit 18 - We Worship Together
Lesson 10 Give Gladly
Lesson 11 God’s Word in Worship
Lesson 12 Prayer in Worship
Lesson 13 Worship with Music
Year 2 Spring
Year 1: Palm Sunday Jesus is King
Year 2: Easter Sunday Jesus Lives!
Unit 19 - Jesus Shows His Love
Lesson 1 Trusting Jesus
Lesson 2 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Jesus
Lesson 3 Jesus Loves Zacchaeus
Lesson 4 Jesus Is All-Powerful
Unit 20 - Jesus' Friends Show His Love
Lesson 5 God’s Teachers
Lesson 6 Help Others
Lesson 7 My Jobs
Unit 21 - Jesus' Friends Help Others
Lesson 8 Family Teachers
Lesson 9 God’s Message is for Everyone
Lesson 10 Working Together
Lesson 11 Telling Friends about Jesus
Summer Unit 22 - God Takes Care of Us
Lesson 1 God's Plan
Lesson 2 God’s Promises
Lesson 3 God Gives Us Food
Lesson 4 God Gives Us Water
Summer Unit 23 - God Wants Us to Care for Others
Lesson 5 Getting Along
Lesson 6 Forgive Others
Lesson 7 Being Kind
Lesson 8 Share What We Have
Lesson 9 Help Others
Summer Unit 24 - Jesus Cares for Everyone
Lesson 10 Jesus Cares
Lesson 11 Good Neighbors
Lesson 12 Say Thanks
Lesson 13 Jesus Cares for the Lonely