David C Cook

The Toddler edition of Bible-in-Life provides toddlers 18 months through two years old with a multi-sensory learning experience. As a first introduction to faith, lessons are designed to help teachers and volunteers set up learning activities that present the Bible story, while the children move around, explore, and play. Equipped with teacher preparation, visual aids, music and audio Bible stories, and crafts, Bible-in-Life is the perfect resource for building faith in little ones.


Number Title
Bonus Spring Lesson 14 We Can Love God!
Fall Unit 1 - God Keeps Us Safe
Lesson 1 God Told Noah to Build a Boat
Lesson 2 God Told Noah to Save the Animals
Lesson 3 God Kept Noah Safe
Lesson 4 Noah Saw God’s Rainbow
Fall Unit 2 - God Does Big Things
Lesson 5 God Pushed Back the Water
Lesson 6 God Made the Walls of Jericho Fall Down
Lesson 7 God Helped David Fight a Giant
Lesson 8 God Saved Daniel from the Lions
Lesson 9 God Saved Jonah with a Big Fish
Fall Unit 3 - Jesus Told Stories
Lesson 10 We Hear Jesus’ Story about Rocks and Sand
Lesson 11 We Hear Jesus’ Story about a Kind Helper
Lesson 12 We Hear Jesus’ Story about a Lost Sheep
Lesson 13 We Hear Jesus’ Story about a Lost Coin
Winter Unit 4 - Jesus Is Born
Lesson 1 Jesus Had a Family
Lesson 2 Jesus Was a Baby
Lesson 3 Jesus Had Visitors
Lesson 4 Jesus Got Presents
Winter Unit 5 - Jesus Grew
Lesson 5 Jesus Was Kept Safe
Lesson 6 Jesus Was a Little Boy
Lesson 7 Jesus Became a Big Boy
Lesson 8 Jesus Grew Up
Winter Unit 6 - This Is Jesus!
Lesson 9 Jesus Loves the Children
Lesson 10 Jesus Helped a Little Girl
Lesson 11 Jesus Cared for Hungry People
Lesson 12 Jesus Stopped a Storm
Lesson 13 Jesus Visited Friends
Year 1 Spring
Year 1: Palm Sunday Jesus Is King!
Year 1: Easter Jesus Is Alive!
Unit 7 - God Gives Us ...
Lesson 1 God Gives Us Clothes
Lesson 2 God Gives Us Food
Lesson 3 God Gives Us Water
Unit 8 - Jesus Is Special
Lesson 4 Jesus Is Special
Unit 9 - God Made the World
Lesson 5 God Made Daytime and Nighttime
Lesson 6 God Made Trees and Flowers
Lesson 7 God Made Birds
Lesson 8 God Made Fish
Lesson 9 God Made Big Animals
Lesson 10 God Made Little Animals
Lesson 11 God Made People
Summer Unit 10 - God Loves Families
Lesson 1 God Loves Babies
Lesson 2 God Loves Mommies
Lesson 3 God Loves Daddies
Lesson 4 God Loves Families
Summer Unit 11 - God Made Us
Lesson 5 God Made Our Eyes
Lesson 6 God Made Our Ears
Lesson 7 God Made Our Hands
Lesson 8 God Made Our Feet
Lesson 9 God Made Us Special
Summer Unit 12 - At Church
Lesson 10 At Church We Sing
Lesson 11 At Church We Pray
Lesson 12 At Church We Give to God
Lesson 13 At Church We Thank God
Fall Unit 13 - This Is the Bible
Lesson 1 The Bible Is a Very Special Book
Lesson 2 The Bible Tells Us about Jesus
Lesson 3 The Bible Is God’s Word
Lesson 4 The Bible Is True
Fall Unit 14 - Tell Me about God
Lesson 5 God Made Us
Lesson 6 God Knows Us
Lesson 7 God Takes Care of Us
Lesson 8 God Loves Us
Fall Unit 15 - God's Helpers
Lesson 9 Miriam Was God’s Helper
Lesson 10 Esther Was God’s Helper
Lesson 11 Solomon Was God’s Helper
Lesson 12 Paul Was God’s Helper
Lesson 13 Luke Was God’s Helper
Winter Unit 16 - Hello, Baby Jesus!
Lesson 1 Mary Heard about Baby Jesus
Lesson 2 Joseph Heard about Baby Jesus
Lesson 3 Baby Jesus Was Born!
Lesson 4 Wise Men Came to See Jesus
Winter Unit 17 - God Loves Me
Lesson 5 God Loves Me All the Time
Lesson 6 God Loves Me When I’m Thankful
Lesson 7 God Loves Me When I’m Scared
Lesson 8 God Loves Me When I’m Sad
Lesson 9 I’m Happy Because God Loves Me
Winter Unit 18 - What Did Jesus Do?
Lesson 10 Jesus Prayed to God
Lesson 11 Jesus Rested
Lesson 12 Jesus Cried
Lesson 13 Jesus Told Stories
Year 2 Spring
Year 2: Palm Sunday Jesus Is King!
Year 2: Easter Sunday Mary Looked for Jesus
Year 2: Ascension Sunday Jesus Went Home to Heaven
Unit 19 - Jesus Did Good Things
Lesson 1 Jesus Helped a Man Who Couldn’t Walk
Lesson 2 Jesus Helped a Man Who Couldn’t See
Lesson 3 Jesus Said, “I Love You”
Unit 20 - Jesus Is Alive
Lesson 4 Jesus Prayed in the Garden
Lesson 5 Thomas Wanted to Touch Jesus
Lesson 6 Jesus Said to Peter, “Follow Me!”
Unit 21 - We Love God
Lesson 7 We Can Sing to God
Lesson 8 We Can Thank God
Lesson 9 We Can Talk to God
Lesson 10 We Can Listen to God
Summer Unit 22 - God Made All Things
Lesson 1 God Made the Sun, Moon, and Stars
Lesson 2 God Made Water
Lesson 3 God Made the Ground
Lesson 4 God Made Seeds
Summer Unit 23 - God Gives Us Good Things
Lesson 5 God Gives Us Fruits and Vegetables
Lesson 6 God Gives Us Animals to Care For
Lesson 7 God Gives Us People to Love
Lesson 8 God Gives Us Time to Rest
Summer Unit 24 - Thank You God
Lesson 9 Thank You, God, for My Eyes
Lesson 10 Thank You, God, for My Ears
Lesson 11 Thank You, God, for My Mouth
Lesson 12 Thank You, God, for My Hands
Lesson 13 Thank You, God, for My Feet