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High School

David C Cook

Bible-in-Life for High School is perfect for a small group or alongside your youth ministry program. Bible-in-Life provides high school students an engaging experience designed to help them make a successful transition to owning their faith. With in-depth Bible studies, Scripture knowledge, devotionals, tie-ins to current events and hot topics, and real-world application, Bible-in-Life high school curriculum is well rounded to provide spiritual growth in each teen.


Number Title
Fall Unit 1 - The God Who Created Us
Lesson 1 God Did It!
Lesson 2 Order in the Cosmos
Lesson 3 Even Me!
Lesson 4 Real Relationships
Fall Unit 2 - The God Who Corrects Us
Lesson 5 Plummeting from Paradise
Lesson 6 Dumping Our Defiance
Lesson 7 Bridge Building
Lesson 8 God's Mercy
Fall Unit 3 - The God Who Calls Us
Lesson 9 Live the Adventure
Lesson 10 Too Much Stuff?
Lesson 11 God’s Best—Worth the Wait!
Lesson 12 Persistent Prayer
Lesson 13 Tough Faith for Tough Times
Winter Unit 4 - Jesus: His Birth
Lesson 1 God Planned Me
Lesson 2 Possibilities
Lesson 3 Unexpected Plans
Lesson 4 Light in the Dark
Winter Unit 5 - Jesus: His Mission
Lesson 5 In Dependence
Lesson 6 Who’s Boss?
Lesson 7 God Time
Lesson 8 Triumph with Truth
Lesson 9 Power to Serve
Winter Unit 6 - Jesus: His Miracles
Lesson 10 Better Vision
Lesson 11 Eye of the Storm
Lesson 12 Satisfaction Guaranteed
Lesson 13 Getting a Life
Year 1 Spring
Year 1: Palm Sunday Grasping Greatness
Year 1: Easter Responding to Who Christ Is
Unit 7 - Jesus Is Our Friend and Savior
Lesson 1 Peace and Pain
Lesson 2 Friend, You Are Forgiven!
Lesson 3 Starting Over
Unit 8 - Living a Godly Life
Lesson 4 Blowing Bias Away
Lesson 5 On the Move
Lesson 6 Partners in Prayer
Unit 9 - Getting Along
Lesson 7 Me First
Lesson 8 A Coat of Jealousy
Lesson 9 A Matter of Integrity
Lesson 10 A Dependable God
Lesson 11 Right Reconciliation
Summer Unit 10 - Together as Believers
Lesson 1 Connecting with Others
Lesson 2 Reaching for Leadership
Lesson 3 Spurring Each Other On
Lesson 4 Accepting One Another
Summer Unit 11 - Talking with God
Lesson 5 Focusing on Praise
Lesson 6 Seeing Sin
Lesson 7 Incessant Intercession
Lesson 8 Are You Listening, God?
Lesson 9 Have It Your Way
Summer Unit 12 - Connecting with God's Word
Lesson 10 Opening Our Eyes to God
Lesson 11 Equipment That Equips Us
Lesson 12 Relying on the Word
Lesson 13 Digging Deeper
Fall Unit 13 - Escaping Egypt
Lesson 1 Faith Steppin’
Lesson 2 Prized by God
Lesson 3 Decisions, Decisions
Lesson 4 A Way Out
Fall Unit 14 - God Delivers Us
Lesson 5 Courage against Fear
Lesson 6 Wait Training
Lesson 7 You Gotta Believe!
Lesson 8 Navigating Our Lives
Fall Unit 15 - Following God with Courage
Lesson 9 Coming Clean!
Lesson 10 Worshiping God Alone
Lesson 11 Choosing Sides
Lesson 12 An Eye-Opener
Lesson 13 Mercy Makers
Winter Unit 16 - God's Plan
Lesson 1 Outta the Comfort Zone
Lesson 2 Selfless Serving
Lesson 3 True Acceptance
Lesson 4 Reaching Out
Winter Unit 17 - Who Jesus Is
Lesson 5 Jesus—He’s the Real Deal!
Lesson 6 Sharing Our Ups and Downs
Lesson 7 Approaching God Confidently
Lesson 8 We’ve Been Made Holy
Lesson 9 Fuzzy or Focused
Winter Unit 18 - What Jesus Said
Lesson 10 Trusting the Spirit
Lesson 11 Sticking with Christ
Lesson 12 You Against the World
Lesson 13 The God Squad
Year 2 Spring
Year 2: Palm Sunday The Reason for Doing
Year 2: Easter He Really Arose
Unit 19 - Final Days of Jesus
Lesson 1 We’re Rescued!
Lesson 2 Radically Changed
Lesson 3 The Necessity of Faith
Unit 20 - Jesus Conquers Death
Lesson 4 Heaven—A Wonderful Place
Lesson 5 Providing Plenty
Lesson 6 Living Expectantly
Unit 21 - How Believers Live
Lesson 7 Making Difficult Choices
Lesson 8 A Whole Body Workout
Lesson 9 Problem Solving Made Easy
Lesson 10 Don’t Miss the Mark
Lesson 11 The Sheer Joy of Sharing
Summer Unit 22 - Rules to Live By
Lesson 1 God Still Rules!
Lesson 2 Holiday? Or Holy Day?
Lesson 3 Rules for Getting Along
Lesson 4 Put God Ahead of Things
Lesson 5 Honesty—the Best Policy
Summer Unit 23 - Who God Is
Lesson 6 Three in One
Lesson 7 Our Perfect Dad
Lesson 8 Sons and Daughters of God
Lesson 9 Our Great Helper
Summer Unit 24 - Living Out Our Faith
Lesson 10 S-S-S-Satan’s Subtle Schemes
Lesson 11 Satan the Loser
Lesson 12 Unshakable Faith
Lesson 13 Living Life to the Fullest
Fall Unit 25 - Good and Bad Choices
Lesson 1 Get Smart!
Lesson 2 Living Wisely
Lesson 3 Words from the Heart
Lesson 4 Wise Counsel
Lesson 5 Making Lasting Friendships
Fall Unit 26 - Taking a Stand for God
Lesson 6 Running on Empty!
Lesson 7 God's Perfect Timing
Lesson 8 When Life Dishes Out Difficulties
Lesson 9 Standing Strong in Tough Times
Fall Unit 27 - Following Wisdom
Lesson 10 Making Lemonade from Life's Lemons
Lesson 11 Playing Favorites
Lesson 12 Be Unselfish
Lesson 13 Slow and Steady
Winter Unit 28 - Willing to Serve
Lesson 1 New and Improved
Lesson 2 Following Good Directions
Lesson 3 Inspired and Energized
Lesson 4 Winning Souls Rightly
Winter Unit 29 - Ready to Serve
Lesson 5 The Best Thing in Life Is Free!
Lesson 6 Walls Tumbling Down
Lesson 7 Our Perfect Role Model
Lesson 8 Behold, the Light!
Lesson 9 The Ultimate Equipment
Winter Unit 30 - Power to Serve
Lesson 10 Facing the Future
Lesson 11 Standing For Something!
Lesson 12 Upcoming Judgment
Lesson 13 A Place Just for Us
Spring Unit 31 - A Time for Decision
Lesson 1 Religion? or Relationship?
Lesson 2 A Time for Decision
Lesson 3 Heading toward Forgiveness
Lesson 4 True Worship
Spring Unit 32 - A Time for Concern
Easter God's Planned Surprise
Lesson #5 Grasping Greed
Lesson #6 Standing for Right
Lesson #7 Lasting Peace
Lesson #8 The Right Path
Spring Unit 33 - A Time for Courage
Lesson #9 100% Pure
Lesson #10 Trust and Obey
Lesson #11 No Fear
Lesson #12 Keep Looking Up!
Summer Unit 34: Our Heavenly Father
Lesson 1 By the Book
Lesson 2 For Better or Worse
Lesson 3 Owning Up
Lesson 4 A Word with the Father
Lesson 5 Family Focus
Summer Unit 35: My Family
Lesson 6 Parental Pass
Lesson 7 Beautiful Bonding
Lesson 8 Becoming One
Lesson 9 Family Focus
Summer Unit 36: My Church Family
Lesson 10 A Two-Three Prayer Punch
Lesson 11 A Hearing Test
Lesson 12 Distinctive Ceremonies
Lesson 13 Sing a New Song