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Gospel Light

Gospel Light has designed a simple, three-step teaching plan that keeps kids 2 and 3 years old involved in lively activities, while they learn about God.


Number Title
Fall Unit 1 - I Can Learn About God's Love
Lesson 1 Baby in a Basket
Lesson 2 Escape from Egypt
Lesson 3 A Path Through the Sea
Lesson 4 A Desert Surprise
Fall Unit 2 - I Can Know God Loves Me
Lesson 5 Hannah’s Prayer
Lesson 6 Helping at the Tabernacle
Lesson 7 Samuel Listens and Obeys
Lesson 8 Samuel Obeys God
Fall Unit 3 - I Can Show God's Love
Lesson 9 David Helps His Family
Lesson 10 David Visits His Brothers
Lesson 11 David and Jonathan
Lesson 12 David and Saul
Lesson 13 David & Mephibosheth
Winter Unit 1 - I'm Glad Jesus Is Born
Lesson 1 Mary Meets an Angel
Lesson 2 Jesus Is Born
Lesson 3 Angel Tells the News
Lesson 4 Wise Men Give Gifts
Winter Unit 2 - Jesus Loves and Helps Me
Lesson 5 Jesus Tells of God’s Love
Lesson 6 Jesus Stops the Storm
Lesson 7 Jesus Helps a Blind Man
Lesson 8 Jesus Feeds 5,000
Winter Unit 3 - Jesus Teaches Me to Be Kind
Lesson 9 The Forgiving King
Lesson 10 The Good Samaritan
Lesson 11 The Good Shepherd
Lesson 12 The Loving Father
Lesson 13 The Greatest of All
Spring Unit 1 - Jesus Dies and Lives Again
Lesson 1 People Praise Jesus
Lesson 2 Jesus Dies & Lives Again
Lesson 3 Thomas Sees Jesus
Lesson 4 Jesus Lives Today
Spring Unit 2 - Jesus' Friends Show Love
Lesson 5 The Lame Man Walks
Lesson 6 Barnabas Shares
Lesson 7 Food for Widows
Lesson 8 Philip & the Ethiopian
Spring Unit 3 - God Helps Peter and Paul
Lesson 9 Paul Meets Jesus
Lesson 10 Paul’s Escape
Lesson 11 Peter Helps Dorcas
Lesson 12 Peter Escapes
Lesson 13 Paul Helps a Lame Man
Summer Unit 1 - Loving My Family
Lesson 1 Jacob and Esau
Lesson 2 An Unfair Trade
Lesson 3 Jacob’s Tricks
Lesson 4 Esau Forgives Jacob
Summer Unit 2 - Loving God
Lesson 5 Daniel Obeys God
Lesson 6 The Fiery Furnace
Lesson 7 The Writing on the Wall
Lesson 8 The Lions’ Den
Summer Unit 3 - Loving Others
Lesson 9 Ruth Loves Naomi
Lesson 10 Jonah & the Big Fish
Lesson 11 Josiah & God’s Words
Lesson 12 Jeremiah Obeys
Lesson 13 Nehemiah Builds a Wall
Fall Unit 1 - I Can Thank God
Lesson 1 God Made the World
Lesson 2 God Made Animals
Lesson 3 God Made People
Lesson 4 God Loves Adam & Eve
Fall Unit 2 - I Can Do Good Things
Lesson 5 Building the Big Boat
Lesson 6 Loading the Boat
Lesson 7 Safe in the Big Boat
Lesson 8 God Sends a Rainbow
Fall Unit 3 - I Can Make Good Choices
Lesson 9 Abraham Obeys God
Lesson 10 Lot Chooses First
Lesson 11 Isaac Is Born
Lesson 12 Eliezer Prays
Lesson 13 Isaac Digs Wells
Winter Unit 1 - Good News: Jesus Is Born
Lesson 1 John Is Born
Lesson 2 Baby Jesus
Lesson 3 Shepherds and Angels
Lesson 4 Escape to Egypt
Winter Unit 2 - Good News: Jesus Is God's Son
Lesson 5 Jesus at the Temple
Lesson 6 John Preaches
Lesson 7 John Baptizes Jesus
Lesson 8 Jesus Chooses Helpers
Winter Unit 3 - Good News: Jesus Loves Me
Lesson 9 Woman at the Well
Lesson 10 Jesus’ Prayer
Lesson 11 Jesus Loves Children
Lesson 12 Jesus Loves Zacchaeus
Lesson 13 The Poor Woman’s Gift
Spring Unit 1 - Learning from Jesus
Lesson 1 Sick Boy Is Made Well
Lesson 2 Four Friends Help
Lesson 3 One Man Thanks Jesus
Lesson 4 A Rich Man’s Question
Spring Unit 2 - Thanking God for Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Lesson 6 The Empty Tomb
Lesson 7 The Road to Emmaus
Lesson 8 Jesus Is Alive
Spring Unit 3 - Helping Others Learn About Jesus
Lesson 9 Paul Tells About Jesus
Lesson 10 Singing in Jail
Lesson 11 Paul Obeys God
Lesson 12 A Boy Helps Paul
Lesson 13 Safe in a Shipwreck
Summer Unit 1 - God Is with Me
Lesson 1 Joseph & His Brothers
Lesson 2 Joseph in Prison
Lesson 3 Joseph Shares Food
Lesson 4 Joseph Forgives
Summer Unit 2 - God Cares for Me
Lesson 5 Birds Feed Elijah
Lesson 6 God Cares for a Widow
Lesson 7 Elisha’s New Room
Lesson 8 God Helps Naaman
Summer Unit 3 - God Helps Me
Lesson 9 Crossing the Jordan
Lesson 10 Wall Falls Down
Lesson 11 Deborah Obeys God
Lesson 12 Joash Fixes the Temple
Lesson 13 Esther Is Brave