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Would Jesus Really Do That?

David C Cook

Middle school students learn to look to Christ's example in 15 complete sessions, including hundreds of customization options.


Number Title
How to Customize Your Curriculum
Unit 1 - Making the Best Choices
Session 1 What Would Jesus Do . . . for Fun?
Session 2 What Would Jesus Do . . . at My School?
Session 3 What Would Jesus Do . . . in My Church?
Session 4 What Would Jesus Do... with a Family Like Mine?
Session 5 What Would Jesus Do... with Friends Like Mine?
Unit 2 - Tongue Untwisters
Session 1 The Dark Side of Humor
Session 2 Four-Letter Follies
Session 3 “If You Can’t Say Something Nice . . .”
Session 4 Did You Hear about. . . ?
Session 5 Liar, Liar
Unit 3 - Gotta Have It?
Session 1 Wants and Needs
Session 2 Living with Less
Session 3 The Problem with Taking What You Want
Session 4 How to Ask for What You Need
Session 5 Waiting for What You Need