What About Sex, Drugs and ... ?

David C Cook

High school students tackle tough questions in 15 complete sessions, including hundreds of customization options.


Number Title
How to Customize Your Curriculum
Unit 1 - Hormone Helper
Session 1 The Keys and the Car, but No License to Drive
Session 2 R-E-S-P-E-C-T: That’s What Sex Should Mean to Thee
Session 3 Sex on the Mind
Session 4 Sex and Other God-Honoring Things
Session 5 Being Sexual without Being Sinful
Unit 2 - The Drug Free Challenge
Session 1 But I Don’t Want to Miss Out on the Fun!
Session 2 Coping with Life in a Cop-Out Culture
Session 3 But It’s Not That Easy to “Just Say No”
Session 4 Glazed Eyes, Hangovers, and, Uh...Really Great Prayer Times
Session 5 Throwing the Life Preserver
Unit 3 - The Whole Story
Session 1 Who Can You Trust?
Session 2 Starting Line
Session 3 More Than Machines
Session 4 The Rest Is History
Session 5 Truth or Consequences