Does the Bible Have Any Answers?

David C Cook

High school students encounter Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Jesus's teachings on lust, worry, and money in 15 sessions, including hundreds of custom options.


Number Title
How to Customize Your Curriculum
Unit 1 - Practical Wisdom
Session 1 Words of Wisdom
Session 2 A Fool and His Happiness Are Soon Parted
Session 3 Hold Your Tongue!
Session 4 The Meaning of Life
Session 5 A Matter of Time
Unit 2 - Too Tough?
Session 1 Are Sexual Thoughts Always Sinful?
Session 2 Are Mountain-Moving Prayers Possible?
Session 3 What, Me Worry?
Session 4 Why Bother with Annoying People?
Session 5 Why Should I Give Money Away?
Unit 3 - What Do You Think?
Session 1 Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? (Abortion)
Session 2 A Time to Die (Euthanasia/Medically Assisted Suicide)
Session 3 What God Has Joined Together. . . (Divorce)
Session 4 Just an Alternative Lifestyle? (Homosexuality and Gay Rights)
Session 5 Hawks and Doves (War and Peace)