Can I Really Have a Relationship with God?

David C Cook

High school students explore a relationship with God in 15 complete sessions, including hundreds of customization options.


Number Title
How to Customize Your Curriculum
Unit 1 - Is Anybody There?
Session 1 How Do I Know He’s Really There?
Session 2 How Close Does God Want to Be to Me?
Session 3 If God Speaks, Why Can’t I Hear Him?
Session 4 How Does the Holy Spirit “Live” in Me?
Session 5 How Do I “Walk” with God?
Unit 2 - Free Gifts for Everybody!
Session 1 What Are They For? (The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts)
Session 2 What’s My Gift? (Recognizing Your Spiritual Gifts)
Session 3 What Do I Do with Them? (Putting Your Gifts to Work)
Session 4 Teamwork (Using Your Gifts in Conjunction with Others)
Session 5 Use Them or Lose Them?
Unit 3 - Going Against the Flow
Session 1 How Weird Do I Have to Be?
Session 2 Look What You’re Missing!
Session 3 The Truth about Peer Pressure
Session 4 Join the Club!
Lesson 5 A Time to Zap, a Time to Zip