What, Me Holy?

David C Cook

High school students discover the joy of living for God in 15 complete sessions, including hundreds of customization options.


Number Title
How to Customize Your Curriculum
Unit 1 - Staying Clean in a Grungy World
Session 1 How Can Anybody Be Holy?
Session 2 What’s Right? What’s Wrong?
Session 3 If Sin Is Fun, Why Stay Clean?
Session 4 Resisting the Wrong
Session 5 Fighting for Right
Unit 2 - Can't Help It?
Session 1 It’s OK to Struggle
Session 2 Why Do Habits Grow?
Session 3 We’re in This Together
Session 4 Helpless but Not Hopeless
Session 5 Turning Stones into Bread
Unit 3 - Unseen Mysteries
Session 1 Beyond Harps and Halos
Session 2 Beyond Pitchforks and Horns
Session 3 Good Heavens!
Session 4 Hell: Fact or Fiction?
Session 5 What Is God Like?