Does God Love You No Matter What?

David C Cook

High school students encounter Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Jesus's teachings on lust, worry, and money in 15 sessions, including hundreds of custom options.


Number Title
How to Customize Your Curriculum
Unit 1 - Bouncing Back
Session 1 How Embarrassing!
Session 2 Try, Try Again?
Session 3 Friendly Fire
Session 4 “I Did It”
Session 5 S-U-C-C-E-S-S
Unit 2 - Riding Those Mood Swings
Session 1 Why Do I Feel This Way?
Session 2 Sad, Glad, and Back Again
Session 3 What to Do with Anger
Session 4 How Can I Feel Better?
Session 5 Emotions out of Control
Unit 3 - Just Look at You!
Session 1 I’ve Gotta Be Me. . . Whether I Like It or Not
Session 2 Image Isn’t Everything!
Session 3 Comprehensive Coverage
Session 4 A Body to Die For?
Session 5 Cruisin’ through Puberty