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Middle Elementary


Over the course of 2 years, kids ages 8 and 9 are actively engaged as they explore Bible chronology and learn how they fit into God’s plan.


Number Title
Intro How to Use HeartShaper
Fall Unit 1 - Our Great God
Lesson 1 God Is Amazing
Lesson 2 God Is Creator
Fall Unit 2 - God's Promises
Lesson 3 The Fall
Lesson 4 Noah and the Flood
Lesson 5 The Call of Abram
Fall Unit 3 - God's Plan
Lesson 6 Joseph Sold by His Brothers
Lesson 7 Joseph in Egypt
Lesson 8 Joseph Forgave His Brothers
Fall Unit 4 - God's Protection
Lesson 9 God Prepared Moses
Lesson 10 Moses, Aaron, and Plagues
Lesson 11 God Cared for the Israelites
Lesson 12 God Protected the Israelites
Lesson 13 God Gave the 10 Commandments
Winter Unit 1 - God's Power
Lesson 1 Joshua Succeeds Moses
Lesson 2 Crossing the Jordan
Lesson 3 Joshua and Jericho
Lesson 4 The Birth of Jesus
Winter Unit 2 - God's Care
Lesson 5 Ruth and Boaz
Lesson 6 A Psalm of David
Lesson 7 Solomon’s Wisdom
Winter Unit 3 - God's Kingdom
Lesson 8 The Kingdom of Israel Divides
Lesson 9 Joash Repairs the Temple
Lesson 10 The Potter’s House
Winter Unit 4 - God's People
Lesson 11 Daniel and His Friends Choose to Obey God
Lesson 12 Daniel in the Lions’ Den
Lesson 13 The Israelites Return from Exile
Spring Unit 1 - Jesus' Ministry Begins
Lesson 1 The Birth of John
Lesson 2 Jesus’ Childhood
Lesson 3 Jesus Begins His Ministry
Lesson 4 Jesus’ Disciples
Spring Unit 2 - Jesus' Teachings and Power
Lesson 5 Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders
Lesson 6 Jesus’ Power to Heal
Lesson 7 Parable of the Sower
Lesson 8 Jesus’ Power to Overcome Evil
Spring Unit 3 - Jesus' Teachings and Power
Lesson 9 Parable of the Unmerciful Servant
Lesson 10 Parables of the Lost Sheep and Coin
Lesson 11 Jesus’ Power to Give Sight
Lesson 12 Parable of the Bags of Gold
Spring Special Unit - Resurrection Sunday
Lesson 13 Resurrection Sunday Lesson: Jesus’ Power to Overcome Death
Summer Unit 1 - Teachings on Prayer
Lesson 1 The Lord’s Prayer
Lesson 2 Parable of the Friend’s Request
Summer Unit 2 - Life of Peter
Lesson 3 Peter Preaches
Lesson 4 Peter Heals
Lesson 5 Peter Witnesses
Lesson 6 Peter and Tabitha
Lesson 7 Peter and Cornelius
Lesson 8 Peter Escapes
Summer Unit 3 - Teachings from the New Testament
Lesson 9 Fruit of the Spirit
Lesson 10 Do Good
Lesson 11 The Armor of God
Lesson 12 Love One Another
Lesson 13 Eternal Praise
Fall Unit 1 - The Very Beginning
Lesson 1 The Bible Is God’s Word
Lesson 2 The Earth Is God’s Work
Lesson 3 The Tower of Babel
Fall Unit 2 - The Beginning of a People
Lesson 4 The Birth of Isaac
Lesson 5 Abraham Is Tested
Lesson 6 Jacob and Esau
Fall Unit 3 - The Beginning of a Nation
Lesson 7 Deborah and Barak
Lesson 8 Gideon Called to Serve
Lesson 9 Saul Becomes King
Lesson 10 Samuel Serves God
Fall Unit 4 - The Beginning of the End
Lesson 11 Jeroboam Chooses to Do Evil
Lesson 12 Elijah Obeys God
Lesson 13 God Works Through Elisha
Winter Unit 1 - A New Beginning
Lesson 1 Jonah and the People of Nineveh
Lesson 2 Prophecies About Jesus’ Birth
Lesson 3 Esther Saves Her People
Winter Unit 2 - Young Jesus
Lesson 4 Jesus Is Born
Lesson 6 Jesus Is Taken to the Temple
Jesus and the Magi
Winter Unit 3 - Jesus' Early Ministry
Lesson 7 Jesus Clears the Temple
Lesson 8 Jesus Teaches Nicodemus
Lesson 9 Jesus Heals
Winter Unit 4 - Jesus' Galilean Ministry
Lesson 10 Jesus Chooses 12 Apostles
Lesson 11 The Beatitudes
Lesson 12 Jesus Calms a Storm
Lesson 13 Jesus Feeds 5,000
Spring Unit 1 - Jesus' Later Ministry
Lesson 1 Peter’s Confession
Lesson 2 Jesus’ Transfiguration
Lesson 3 Jesus Raises Lazarus
Lesson 4 The Greatest Commandments
Lesson 5 Parable of the 10 Virgins
Spring Jesus' Last Days on Earth
Lesson 6 The Lord’s Supper
Lesson 7 Jesus Appears to Many
Lesson 8 The Road to Emmaus
Lesson 9 Great Commission and Ascension
Spring Unit 3 - The Early Days of the Church
Lesson 10 Stephen Stoned
Lesson 11 Philip and the Ethiopian
Lesson 12 Saul’s Conversion
Spring Special Unit - Resurrection Sunday
Lesson 13 Resurrection Sunday Lesson: The Ultimate Miracle
Summer Unit 1 - Teachings and Travels
Lesson 1 True Wisdom
Lesson 2 Paul and Barnabas Teach About Jesus
Lesson 3 Lydia’s Conversion
Lesson 4 Paul and Silas in Prison
Summer Unit 2 - Teachings and Travels
Lesson 5 Eutychus Raised
Lesson 6 Plot to Kill Paul
Lesson 7 Teachings from Romans
Lesson 8 Paul’s Journey to Rome
Summer Unit 3 - A Guide to Life
Lesson 9 Living as a Christian
Lesson 10 Stand Firm in the Lord
Lesson 11 Live Godly Lives
Summer Unit 4 - The Hope of Heaven
Lesson 12 Jesus Will Return
Lesson 13 Judgment and Redemption