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Early Elementary


Kids ages 7 and 8 learn details to key Bible stories, develop Bible skills, and do what God asks them to do over the course of 2 years.


Number Title
How to Use HeartShaper
Fall Unit 1 - God Made Everything
Lesson 1 God Makes the World
Lesson 2 God Makes the Animals
Lesson 3 God Makes People
Fall Unit 2 - We Can Trust and Obey God
Lesson 4 Noah Trusts and Obeys God
Lesson 5 God Keeps His Promise to Noah
Lesson 6 Abraham’s New Home
Lesson 7 The Birth of Isaac
Lesson 8 God Cares for Jacob
Fall Unit 3 - God Cares for us
Lesson 9 God Cares for Moses
Lesson 10 God Cares for His People
Lesson 11 God’s People Cross the Red Sea
Lesson 12 God Gives Food and Water
Lesson 13 God Gives 10 Rules
Winter Unit 1 - Jesus Was Born
Lesson 1 An Angel Visits Mary
Lesson 2 Jesus Is Born
Lesson 3 Shepherds Tell Others
Lesson 4 Wise Men Worship Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Grows Up
Winter Unit 2 - Who Jesus Is
Lesson 6 Jesus Chooses Four Followers
Lesson 7 Jesus and the Children
Lesson 8 Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life
Lesson 9 Jesus and Ten Men with Leprosy
Winter Unit 3 - Jesus Is Our Example
Lesson 10 Jesus and a Woman from Samaria
Lesson 11 Jesus and Zacchaeus
Lesson 12 Jesus and a Woman Needing Forgiveness
Lesson 13 Jesus and a Man Who Is Paralyzed
Spring Unit 1 - Jesus Is Powerful
Lesson 1 Jesus Stops a Storm
Lesson 2 Jesus Heals a Man Who Can’t Hear
Lesson 3 Jesus Heals a Man Who Can’t See
Spring Unit 2 - Paul and Barnabas
Lesson 4 Paul Begins to Follow Jesus
Lesson 5 Paul and Barnabas Help Others Learn About Jesus
Lesson 6 Paul and Barnabas Tell About the Living God
Lesson 7 Lydia Learns to Follow Jesus
Spring Unit 3 - Paul Continues to Tell About Jesus
Lesson 8 Paul and Silas Sing in Prison
Lesson 9 Paul Tells a Crowd About Jesus
Lesson 10 Paul Is Shipwrecked
Lesson 11 Paul Tells About Jesus in Rome
Spring Special Unit - Jesus Lives!
Palm Sunday The Last Week
Resurrection Sunday Jesus Is Alive
Summer Unit 1 - Joshua
Lesson 1 12 Spies Explore Canaan
Lesson 2 God Is with Moses and Joshua
Lesson 3 Joshua Obeys God at Jericho
Lesson 4 God’s People Choose to Serve Him
Summer Unit 2 - God's People Learn to Be Faithful and Obey
Lesson 5 Deborah and Barak
Lesson 6 Gideon
Lesson 7 Naomi and Ruth
Lesson 8 Jonah
Lesson 9 Hannah
Summer Unit 3 - Choose to Obey
Lesson 10 God Talks to Samuel
Lesson 11 Samuel Talks to God
Lesson 12 Saul Chooses Not to Listen
Lesson 13 Samuel Anoints David as King
Fall Unit 1 - David
Lesson 1 God Helps David Do His Jobs
Lesson 2 God Helps David Be Brave
Lesson 3 Jonathan Is a Good Friend to David
Lesson 4 David Chooses God’s Way
Fall Unit 2 - Elijah and Elisha
Lesson 5 Elijah Trusts and Obeys God
Lesson 6 God Provides for Elijah and a Woman in Zarephath
Lesson 7 God Shows His Power
Lesson 8 God Helps Elisha and a Family in Shunem
Lesson 9 Naaman Learns to Obey God
Fall Unit 3 - Kings Who Prayed
Lesson 10 Solomon Asks God for Wisdom
Lesson 11 Hezekiah Asks for God’s Help
Lesson 12 Jehoshaphat and God’s People Pray and Worship God
Lesson 13 Manasseh Asks God for Forgiveness
Winter Unit 1 - Jesus' Birth
Lesson 1 Zechariah Praises God
Lesson 2 Mary Rejoices
Lesson 3 Shepherds Tell About Jesus
Lesson 4 Simeon and Anna Thank God
Lesson 5 Wise Men Worship Jesus
Winter Unit 2 - Jesus Is God's Son
Lesson 6 John Baptizes Jesus
Lesson 7 Satan Tempts Jesus
Lesson 8 Jesus’ First Followers
Lesson 9 Jesus with Moses and Elijah
Winter Unit 3 - Jesus Teaches Us
Lesson 10 Jesus Teaches About Prayer
Lesson 11 Jesus Teaches About Sharing
Lesson 12 Jesus Teaches About Helping
Lesson 13 Jesus Teaches About God
Spring Unit 1 - Learn About Jesus
Lesson 1 Jesus Heals an Official’s Son
Lesson 2 Jesus Heals a Man at a Pool
Lesson 3 Jesus Heals a Woman and a Young Girl
Lesson 4 Jesus Feeds 5,000
Lesson 5 Jesus Walks on Water
Spring Unit 2 - The Church Grows
Lesson 6 Peter Preaches About Jesus
Lesson 7 Peter and John at the Temple
Lesson 8 Peter and John Speak Boldly
Lesson 9 Philip Teaches a Man from Ethiopia
Lesson 10 Peter and Tabitha
Spring Special Unit - Jesus, Our Savior
Palm Sunday People Praise Jesus
Resurrection Sunday Jesus Dies and Lives Again
Ascension Sunday Jesus Appears and Returns to Heaven
Summer Unit 1 - Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph
Lesson 1 Abram Follows God
Lesson 2 Abraham’s Servant Asks for God’s Help
Lesson 3 Isaac Listens to God
Lesson 4 Joseph Moves from Canaan to Egypt
Lesson 5 Joseph Forgives and Helps His Family
Summer Unit 2 - Living by God's Word
Lesson 6 King Josiah Hears God’s Word
Lesson 7 God’s People Pray for Queen Esther
Lesson 8 Nehemiah and God’s People Rebuild the Wall
Lesson 9 Ezra Teaches God’s Law
Summer Unit 3 - Job and Daniel
Lesson 10 Job Trusts God
Lesson 11 Daniel and His Friends Choose God’s Way
Lesson 12 Daniel’s Friends Face a Fiery Furnace
Lesson 13 Daniel and the Lions’ Den