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PreK & K


During the course of 2 years, 5 and 6 year-olds praise God, interact with Bible stories, read Bible words, and show love for God and others.


Number Title
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New Group Unit 1 - God Made the World
Lesson1 God Made the Sky and Earth
Lesson 2 God Made Fish and Birds
Lesson 3 God Made Animals
Lesson 4 God Made People
New Group Unit 2 - Noah and Abraham
Lesson 5 Noah Builds a Boat
Lesson 6 Noah and the Flood
Lesson 7 Abram Moves
Lesson 8 Abram and Lot
Lesson 9 Abraham and Sarah Have a Baby
New Group Unit 3 - Joseph and Samuel
Lesson 10 Joseph as a Boy
Lesson 11 Joseph Serves God All His Life
Lesson 12 Samuel as a Boy
Lesson 13 Samuel Serves God All His Life
Winter Unit 1 - Jesus Was Born
Lesson 1 An Angel Announces Jesus' Birth
Lesson 2 Jesus Is Born
Lesson 3 Shepherds Visit Jesus
Lesson 4 Simeon and Anna See Jesus
Lesson 5 Wise Men Worship Jesus
Winter Unit 2 - Jesus Pleases God
Lesson 6 Jesus as a Boy
Lesson 7 Jesus Is Baptized
Lesson 8 Jesus Is Tempted
Lesson 9 Jesus Begins to Teach
Winter Unit 3 - Jesus Loves Everyone
Lesson 10 Jesus and the Children
Lesson 11 Jesus and Matthew
Lesson 12 Jesus and a Woman from Samaria
Lesson 13 Jesus and Zacchaeus
Spring Unit 1 - Jesus Does Great Things
Lesson 1 Jesus Heals an Official’s Son
Lesson 2 Jesus Heals a Man Who Could Not Walk
Lesson 3 Jesus Heals the Soldier’s Servant
Lesson 4 Jesus Brings a Young Man Back to Life
Lesson 5 Jesus Walks on Water
Lesson 6 Jesus Heals a Man Who Could Not Hear or Speak
Spring Unit 2 - The Church Tells About Jesus
Lesson 7 Peter Preaches About Jesus
Lesson 8 Peter and John at the Temple
Lesson 9 Philip Tells About Jesus
Lesson 10 Peter and Tabitha
Lesson 11 The Church Prays for Peter in Prison
Spring Special Unit - Jesus Is the Son of God
Lesson 12 Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday) Lesson
Lesson 13 Jesus' Resurrection Lesson: Jesus Lives!
Summer Unit 1 - David
Lesson 1 David Plays for Saul
Lesson 2 David Meets Goliath
Lesson 3 David and Jonathan
Lesson 4 David and Mephibosheth
Summer Unit 2 - Kings Who Loved God
Lesson 5 David Sings to God
Lesson 6 Solomon Prays to Know What Is Right
Lesson 7 Solomon Builds the Temple
Lesson 8 Jehoshaphat Asks for God’s Help
Lesson 9 Josiah Reads God’s Word
Summer Unit 3 - Elisha
Lesson 10 Elisha and a Widow’s Oil
Lesson 11 Elisha and a Shunammite Family
Lesson 12 Elisha and the Shunammites’ Son
Lesson 13 Elisha and Naaman
Fall Unit 1 - God Made People
Lesson 1 God Made a World for People
Lesson 2 God Made Adam and Eve
Lesson 3 God Made My Senses
Lesson 4 God Made Me Special
Fall Unit 2 - Moses and God's People
Lesson 5 Moses Is Born
Lesson 6 Moses Leads God’s People
Lesson 7 God’s People Cross the Red Sea
Lesson 8 God Provides for His People
Lesson 9 God Gives 10 Rules
Fall Unit 3 - Joshua and God's People
Lesson 10 Joshua and Caleb
Lesson 11 God’s People Cross the Jordan River
Lesson 12 The Fall of Jericho
Lesson 13 Joshua Talks to God’s People
Winter Unit 1 - Jesus Was a Special Baby
Lesson 1 An Angel Brings Special News
Lesson 2 A Special Baby Is Born
Lesson 3 Shepherds Hear Special News
Lesson 4 Wise Men Worship a Special Baby
Winter Unit 2 - Jesus Teaches Me
Lesson 5 Jesus Teaches About Pleasing God
Lesson 6 Jesus Teaches About Giving
Lesson 7 Jesus Teaches About Praying
Lesson 8 Jesus Teaches About Helping
Lesson 9 Jesus Teaches About Sharing
Winter Unit 3 - Everyone Can Follow Jesus
10 Two Friends Follow Jesus
Lesson 11 Fishermen Follow Jesus
Lesson 12 Mary and Martha Follow Jesus
Lesson 13 Bartimaeus Follows Jesus
Spring Unit 1 - Jesus Is Powerful
Lesson 1 Jesus Stops a Storm
Lesson 2 Jesus Heals a Young Girl
Lesson 3 Jesus Feeds a Crowd
Lesson 4 Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
Lesson 5 Jesus Heals 10 Men
Lesson 6 Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life
Spring Unit 2 - The Church Follows Jesus
Lesson 7 The Church Follows Jesus
Lesson 8 Saul Begins to Follow Jesus
Lesson 9 Lydia Follows Jesus
Lesson 10 The Jailer Follows Jesus
Lesson 11 Paul Helps People Follow Jesus
Spring Special Unit - Jesus, God's Son
Lesson 12 Palm Sunday Lesson: A Crowd Welcomes Jesus
Lesson 13 Resurrection Sunday: Jesus Is Alive!
Summer Unit 1 - Elijah
Lesson 1 Elijah Is Fed by Ravens
Lesson 2 Elijah Helps a Widow
Lesson 3 Elijah Helps a Widow’s Son
Lesson 4 Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
Summer Unit 2 - Daniel and His Friends
Lesson 5 Daniel and His Friends Obey God
Lesson 6 Daniel’s Friends Worship Only God
Lesson 7 Daniel and the Handwriting on the Wall
Lesson 8 Daniel and the Lions’ Den
Summer Unit 3 - God Helps People Do What Is Right
Lesson 9 Gideon Leads God’s Army
Lesson 10 Ruth Makes Good Choices
Lesson 11 Jonah Tells About God
Lesson 12 Esther Helps God’s People
Lesson 13 Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall