Middle School

David C Cook

Bible-in-Life for middle schoolers presents a biblical learning experience that supports this important time of change-physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Number Title
Spring 2020 Bonus Lesson 14 God Is Worthy Of Worship
Fall Unit 1: The God Who Created Us
Lesson 1 You're an Awesome God!
Lesson 2 A Special Love Story
Lesson 3 Good Earthkeeping
Lesson 4 We Need Each Other
Fall Unit 2: The God Who Corrects Us
Lesson 5 Two Men—Two Ways
Lesson 6 Trouble In Paradise
Lesson 7 Flooded By Faith
Lesson 8 Babbling Builders
Fall Unit 3: The God Who Calls Us
Lesson 9 Daring To Step Out
Lesson 10 A Little Off The Top
Lesson 11 Boldfaced Belief
Lesson 12 Last-Minute Substitution
Lesson 13 Leaving Well Enough Alone
Winter Unit 4: Jesus: His Birth
Lesson 1 Everything Is Possible with God
Lesson 2 Jesus: Born to Save
Lesson 3 Tell the Good News!
Lesson 4 God Became Human
Winter Unit 5: Jesus: His Mission
Lesson 5 Walk This Way
Lesson 6 May I See Your ID?
Lesson 7 Don’t Eat the Devil’s Food
Lesson 8 Tell It Like It Is
Lesson 9 Mission Possible
Winter Unit 6: Jesus: His Miracles
Lesson 10 Peter’s Net Gain
Lesson 11 Called to Change
Lesson 12 Liberating Power
Lesson 13 Be the One
Year 1 Spring
Easter Lesson Sharing in Victory
Unit 7: Jesus Is Our Friend and Savior
Lesson 1 I Doubt It
Lesson 2 The Sin Solution
Lesson 3 Out of the Cocoon
Lesson 4 Loving Your Enemies
Unit 8: Living a Godly Life
Lesson 5 Finding Real Love
Lesson 6 Living by the Spirit
Lesson 7 Fool’s Gold
Unit 9: Getting Along
Lesson 8 Loving Your Neighbor
Lesson 9 Keeping Your Word
Lesson 10 The Power of Forgiveness
Lesson 11 Our Experiences Help Others
Lesson 12 Who’s in Control
Summer Unit 10: Together As Believers
Lesson 1 Many Gifts From God
Lesson 2 How Do I Love Thee?
Lesson 3 Get a Life Eternal
Lesson 4 What Do I Have to Offer?
Summer Unit 11: Talking with God
Lesson 5 One On One with God
Lesson 6 Talking to Our Father
Lesson 7 Praying Sincerely
Lesson 8 Believing Prayer
Lesson 9 Praying for One Another
Summer Unit 12: Connecting with God’s Word
Lesson 10 Show Me the Way
Lesson 11 Stand and Deliver
Lesson 12 Look No Further
Lesson 13 Fully Armored
Fall Unit 13: Escaping Egypt
Lesson 1 Get Ready
Lesson 2 It’s a Matter of Time
Lesson 3 Let’s Celebrate!
Lesson 4 Don’t Complain
Fall Unit 14: God Delivers Us
Lesson 5 Giving It Your All
Lesson 6 Jesus Is My Hero
Lesson 7 Be Strong and Courageous
Lesson 8 Truth or Consequences
Fall Unit 15: Following God with Courage
Lesson 9 Disaster Without The Master
Lesson 10 Respecting Godly Leaders
Lesson 11 Tiny but Mighty
Lesson 12 Help, God!
Lesson 13 Real Respect
Winter Unit 16: God’s Plan
Lesson 1 Ready or Not, Here He Comes
Lesson 2 Expect the Unexpected
Lesson 3 From Rags to Riches
Lesson 4 Bringing Jesus to the World
Winter Unit 17: Who Jesus Is
Lesson 5 Who is Jesus, Anyway?
Lesson 6 Never Left Out
Lesson 7 Beyond Our Wildest Dreams
Lesson 8 Choosing to Help
Lesson 9 Becoming the Greatest
Winter Unit 18: What Jesus Said
Lesson 10 The Greener Grass Syndrome
Lesson 11 You’re Invited
Lesson 12 Making the Most of God’s Gifts
Lesson 13 Just Do It For Jesus
Spring Unit 19: Final Days of Jesus
Lesson 1 Fair-Weather Followers
Lesson 2 Money Changers Meet the Heart Changer
Spring Unit 20: Jesus Conquers Death
Lesson 3 Eat, Drink, and Remember Me
Lesson 4 Never Alone
Lesson 5 Without a Doubt?
Lesson 6 Palm Sunday: Crime and Punishment
Lesson 7 Easter: You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down
Lesson 8 Ascension: What Went Up Will Come Down
Spring Unit 21: How Believers Live
Lesson 9 Jesus: Our Super Glue
Lesson 10 Money Management 101
Lesson 11 Living on the Edge
Lesson 12 Doing Your Part
Lesson 13 The Source and the Sorcerer
Summer Unit 22: Rules to Live By
Lesson 1 What’s In A Name?
Lesson 2 Time Out
Lesson 3 Building A Home In Your Family Tree
Lesson 4 Mine, Mine, Mine!
Lesson 5 Lying Through Your Teeth
Summer Unit 23: Who God Is
Lesson 6 God Puts a Face to a Name
Lesson 7 The Long Way Home
Lesson 8 Putting on Our “Son” Glasses
Lesson 9 You’re out of Your Tree, Zach!
Summer Unit 24: Living Out Our Faith
Lesson 10 Happy To Disagree
Lesson 11 Relationships: Go For The Gold!
Lesson 12 Ace Your Serve
Lesson 13 You Want Me to Love Who?
Fall Unit 25 - Good and Bad Choices
Lesson 1 Marching to a Different Beat
Lesson 2 Unexcused Excuses
Lesson 3 Dangerous Powers
Lesson 4 A Cool Covenant
Lesson 5 Seek Wisdom
Fall Unit 26 - Taking a Stand for God
Lesson 6 Soloman, Baal Out!
Lesson 7 Split Decision
Lesson 8 A Champion Who Didn't Baal Out
Lesson 9 Taking It to the Streets
Fall Unit 27 - Following Wisdom
Lesson 10 Sinners Ain't Winners
Lesson 11 The Handwriting's on the Wall
Lesson 12 Words of Life
Lesson 13 Don’t Despair...Prepare!
Winter Unit 28 – Willing to Serve
Lesson 1 When Good Isn’t Good Enough
Lesson 2 Paul Is Grounded
Lesson 3 All in the Family
Lesson 4 Walk, Watch, and Wait
Winter Unit 29 – Ready to Serve
Lesson 5 Speak Up!
Lesson 6 Every Which Way but Lost
Lesson 7 Soul Mates
Lesson 8 Trying Times
Lesson 9 Bound To Be Blessed
Winter Unit 30 – Power to Serve
Lesson 10 Paul's Care Package
Lesson 11 How Does Your Garden Grow
Lesson 12 Correct Me If I'm Wrong
Lesson 13 Paul Finds His Mark
Spring Unit 31 – A Time for Decision
Lesson #1 Custom Made
Lesson #2 No Comparison
Lesson #3 Doing Right God's Way
Palm Sunday The Predicted One
Easter A Whale of a Savior
Lesson #4 Walk This Way
Lesson #5 Detecting the Truth
Spring Unit 32 – A Time for Concern
Lesson #6 Sometimes the Truth Hurts
Lesson #7 Made in the Shade
Lesson #8 The Heart of the Matter
Lesson #9 Civil Obedience
Spring Unit 33 - A Time for Courage
Lesson #10 Out of the Mouths of Lions
Lesson #11 Courage in Chaos
Summer Unit 34 - Our Heavenly Family
Lesson 1 Excavating God's Word
Lesson 2 A Word for the Wise
Lesson 3 Think on These Things
Lesson 4 A Faithful Friend
Lesson 5 When Trust Is a Must
Summer Unit 35 - My Family
Lesson 6 Home Schooling
Lesson 7 Quibbling Siblings
Lesson 8 The Big Payoff
Lesson 9 God Lives at My House
Summer Unit 36 - My Church Family
Lesson 10 Body Building
Lesson 11 The Barrier Buster
Lesson 12 Leaping Levites!
Lesson 13 Signs to the Savior