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Down in Front Children's Sermons

David C Cook

Kids 4–7 discover Bible places in 48 fast, 15-minute lessons. Use for mid-week programs, family services or to supplement weekly curriculum. Down in Front Children's Sermons, kids will discover that Bible places were real towns filled with real people.


Number Title
Places & Spaces
1 Safety Rock
2 Of Walls and Towers
3 By the Sea
4 On Jordan's Banks
5 Old and Gray
6 Big as the Sea
7 In the Middle of Nowhere
8 Of Trees and Tongues
9 Come to the Water
10 Meeting on the Mountain
11 Something Small, Something Great
12 Hosanna!
Stuff & Things
13 My Coat, Your Coat
14 A Basket Full
15 Horns of Worship
16 On the Move
17 Where Does Light Come From?
18 Stings and Scents
19 Written in Stone
20 That's Not Junk
21 Silence Please
22 Pass the Grace
23 An Omer a Day
24 Better Than Gold
Days of Our Lives
25 No Complaints Here
26 Planes, Trains and Automobile─NOT!
27 Our Daily Bread
28 Worship with the Best
29 On Top of the World
30 Sing to Remember
31 Come One, Come All
32 Say It Again, Please
33 Surprise Inside
34 The Right Time
35 In a Manner of Speaking
36 Take a Break
It's a Job
37 The Good Shepherd
38 Made Just Right
39 Long Live the King
40 A House in Heaven
41 Holy, Holy, Holy
42 Hear Ye, Hear Ye
43 Goin' Fishin'
44 Seeds of Generosity
45 Good Guy, Bad Job
46 Hammer, Hammer, Saw, Saw
47 Down and Up
48 Don't Forget