Do I Know What the Bible Says?

David C Cook

Middle school students take a journey through the Bible in 15 complete sessions, including hundreds of customization options.


Number Title
How to Customize Your Curriculum
Unit 1 - In the Beginning...What?
Session 1 The Creation of Order
Session 2 The Creation of Man and Woman
Session 3 The Creation of Rest and Worship
Session 4 The Creation of a New Plan
Session 5 The New Creation
Unit 2 - O.T. Speedway
Session 1 The World Gets Going
Session 2 How the Chosen People Got Chosen
Session 3 Seeing Things God’s Way
Session 4 Honest to God
Session 5 Fun and Prophet
Unit 3 - N.T. Speedway
Session 1 Jesus: An Authorized Biography (The Gospels)
Session 2 The Early Believers (Acts)
Session 3 What Every Christian Should Know—Part 1 (Romans—Philemon)
Session 4 What Every Christian Should Know—Part II (Hebrews—Jude)
Session 5 And in the End . . . (Revelation)