Ifs, Ands, and Buts Children's Sermons

David C Cook

Kids 3–11 explore the "little" words in the Bible in 42 fast, 15-minute lessons. Use for mid-week programs, family services or to supplement weekly curriculum. In this twist on traditional children’s sermons, kids learn the differences made by the “little” words in Scripture. Ifs, Ands, & Buts Children’s Sermons allow pastors flexibility to coordinate children’s messages and pull lessons from any book of the Bible – not just the stories.


Number Title
1 Hot and Cold
2 Stick 'em Ups
3 The Time Is Now
4 Doo-dads
5 Fire of Faith
6 I Double Dog Dare You
7 "What If?"
8 Cheer-ah Pet
9 Rockin' Rocks
10 Phone-y Charges
11 I Believe!
12 Johnny on the Spot
13 The Big Lie
14 A Glorious Garden
15 Be Well, Stay Warm
16 FUN Flyer
17 A Sorry Sack
18 Two in One
19 Super Bowl
20 Oops!
21 Face It!
22 Yeah, God!
23 Stylish Threads
24 I Hear That Voice
25 Bear With Me!
26 On the Grow
27 Memory Makers
28 Many to One
29 What's in a Name?
30 Light Bright
31 No Bunny Loves You the Way God Loves You!
32 Dee-Lightful!
33 Frequent Flyer Smiles
34 Blowin' in the Wind
35 Of Calendars and Lists
36 Love on the HorizSon
37 Shine, Jesus, Shine
38 It's in the Bag
39 Show Me the Money
40 Overcomers Unanimous
41 Illuminating Kindness
42 Megahurtz