Children's Sermons In A Bag

David C Cook

Kids 3–7 celebrate God's love in 48 fast, 15-minute lessons. Use for mid-week programs, family services, or to supplement weekly curriculum. With these highly creative children’s sermons, your kids will learn that “God Loves Me,” “I Can Love Others,” and “I Love God.” And a “grab bag” can be anything you choose—a simple grocery sack, a backpack, the all-mysterious shopping bag, or luggage-on-wheels. Watch as imagination plays a vital role as children grow to understand the stories of the Bible and God’s involvement in their lives.


Number Title
God Loves Me
1 Thankful Rub-a-dub Tub
2 Armor All
3 Cruise Line
4 Happy Meal
5 Home Sweet Home
6 In a Nutshell
7 LifeGod
8 Oodles of Noodles
9 Sunshine in a Jar
10 Sweet Dreams
11 Wisdom Tooth Truth
12 I Yam
I Love God
13 A Coat of Oil
14 A Psalmwich to Go
15 Whale of a Good Time
16 Cup Your Hands
17 Four Karats
18 Freckled Smiles
19 Give It a Squirt
20 Hummmmmm
21 Knock, Knock
22 Knot What They Expected
23 Lost and Found
24 Needlepoint
25 Paper Clip Prayers
26 Pass the Peas, Please
27 S.A.T. Test
28 Seven Ups
29 Take a Brake
30 Take Out the Trash
31 The Lilies and Birds... and the Ladybugs!
32 Kids' Choice Award
I Love Others
33 101 Reasons for Faith
34 Batteries for a Lifetime
35 Tozes and Nozes
36 Have It Your Way
37 Hand Some
38 Holy Presents
39 Bubbles
Seasonal Sermons
40 Goin' Wishin'
41 Creamy Faithfulness
42 Honk If You Love Jesus
43 A Question of Loyalty
44 You Won't Believe It!
45 Out With Doubt!
46 Fish Sticks
47 Spirit Wind
48 Butterfly Pin