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X-Perience It

David C Cook

Turn true-to-life scenarios and historical what-ifs into intriguing, heart-changing experiences for 9- to 11-year-olds with this collection of simulations and role-plays. Activities include problem solving situations, whodunits, mock trials, and much more. Each emphasizes important biblical truths. Students choose the direction of the story to overcome obstacles and respond to others’ actions. It’s a gripping experience tweens won’t soon forget!


Number Title
Up-Front How To Use X-Perience It!
1 Hey! You Did That On Purpose!
2 Super Statues!
3 It’s All Mine, Baby!
4 Plan-It Planet
5 Stand Alone
6 We All Live in a Yellow Submarine
7 Ice Cream—You Scream!
8 Jail Jurisdiction
9 Responsibility Rocks
10 Trash to Treasure
11 Bricks and Mortar
12 Who Am I?
13 Time Warp!
14 Bridging the Gap
15 Get Outta Your Zone!
16 A Knight’s Tale ( Week One )
17 A Knight’s Tale (Week Two)
18 Westward Ho!
19 Bethlehem Barter
20 I Gotta Have It!
21 Bible Smugglers
22 Can You Hear Me Now?
23 Good News Multiplies!
24 Building Higher
25 Case for Truth
26 Centurion Spies Alive