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Toddlers & 2s


Over the course of a year, children ages 1 and 2 learn the way God made them while playing. Bonus unit for older 2s included (lessons 14–17).


Number Title
How to Use HeartShaper
Fall Unit 1 - God Made My Face
Lesson 1 God Made My Eyes
Lesson 2 God Made My Ears
Lesson 3 God Made My Nose
Lesson 4 God Made My Mouth
Fall Unit 2 - God Made My Body
Lesson 5 God Made My Arms
Lesson 6 God Made My Hands
Lesson 7 God Made My Legs
Lesson 8 God Made My Feet
Lesson 9 God Made All of Me
Fall Unit 3 - God Gives Us Food
Lesson 10 God Gives Vegetables
Lesson 11 God Gives Fruit
Lesson 12 God Gives Cereal and Bread
Lesson 13 God Gives Water and Juice
Fall Bonus Unit - God Helped David
BONUS: God Helped David Care for Sheep
BONUS: God Helped David Be Brave
BONUS: David Praised God
BONUS: God Helped David Be a Friend
Winter Unit 1 - Jesus Was a Special Baby
Lesson 1 Joseph and Mary Loved Jesus
Lesson 2 Baby Jesus Was Born
Lesson 3 Shepherds Visited Jesus
Lesson 4 Wise Men Worshipped Jesus
Winter Unit 2 - God Gives Me Good Things
Lesson 5 God Gives Me Food
Lesson 6 God Gives Me Clothes
Lesson 7 God Gives Me a Home
Lesson 8 God Gives Me Water
Lesson 9 God Gives Me Good Things
Winter Unit 3 - God Made People
Lesson 10 God Made Babies
Lesson 11 God Made Bigger Children
Lesson 12 God Made Families
Lesson 13 God Made People to Help Us
Winter Bonus Unit - God Cares for People
BONUS: God Cared for Baby Moses
BONUS: God Cared for His People
BONUS: God Gave Food and Water
BONUS: God Gave Rules to Obey
Spring Unit 1 - I Am Happy At Church
Lesson 1 I Sing at Church
Lesson 2 I Pray at Church
Lesson 3 I Learn About Jesus at Church
Lesson 4 I Have Friends at Church
Spring Unit 2 - Jesus Loves Me
Lesson 5 Jesus Loves Families
Lesson 6 Jesus Loves Children
Lesson 7 Jesus Loves All People
Lesson 8 Jesus Loves Me
Spring Unit 3 - God Made Everything
Lesson 9 God Made the Sky
Lesson 10 God Made Water and Land
Lesson 11 God Made Trees and Plants
Lesson 12 God Made the Sun, Moon, and Stars
Lesson 13 God Made Everything
Spring Bonus Unit - Jesus Is the Son of God
BONUS: Jesus Feeds 5,000
BONUS: Jesus Is a Friend to Zacchaeus
BONUS: People Praise Jesus
BONUS: Jesus Is Alive!
Summer Unit 1 - God Made Animals
Lesson 1 God Made Birds
Lesson 2 God Made Fish
Lesson 3 God Made Little Animals
Lesson 4 God Made Big Animals
Lesson 5 God Made All the Animals
Summer Unit 2 - Noah Loved God
Lesson 6 Noah Builds a Boat
Lesson 7 Animals Enter the Boat
Lesson 8 Rain Comes Down
Lesson 9 The Rainbow
Summer Unit 3 - God Cares for Me All Day and Night
Lesson 10 God Cares for Me When I’m Waking Up
Lesson 11 God Cares for Me When I’m Eating
Lesson 12 God Cares for Me When I’m Playing
Lesson 13 God Cares for Me When I’m Sleeping
Summer Bonus Unit - Joshua Obeys God
BONUS: Joshua and Caleb Obey God
BONUS: God’s People Cross the Jordan River
BONUS: The Walls of Jericho Fall
BONUS: Joshua Talks to God’s People