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David C Cook

Discipleship Jr. is a Bible-based, in-depth program that harnesses the power of FUN to build young disciples through interaction with Bible truth and with each other.


Number Title
Year 1 Fall
Lesson 1 God Is Our Provider - Part 1
Lesson 2 God Is Our Provider - Part 2
Lesson 3 God Is Our Battle Fighter - Part 1
Lesson 4 God Is Our Battle Fighter - Part 2
Lesson 5 God Is Our Peace - Part 1
Lesson 6 God Is Our Peace - Part 2
Lesson 7 God Is Our Healer - Part 1
Lesson 8 God Is Our Healer - Part 2
Lesson 9 God Is Our Righteousness - Part 1
Lesson 10 God Is Our Righteousness - Part 2
Lesson 11 God Is Always There - Part 1
Lesson 12 God Is Always There - Part 2
Lesson 13 God Is Our Good Shepherd
Year 1 Winter
Lesson 1 Adam and Eve and Me?
Lesson 2 The Big Announcement
Lesson 3 Bethlehem Bound
Lesson 4 Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Lesson 5 A Gift from Heaven
Lesson 6 Jesus—Favored by God and Man
Lesson 7 Jesus, Teaching Truth
Lesson 8 Jesus, the Servant
Lesson 9 Jesus, the Healer
Lesson 10 Jesus Deserves Honor
Lesson 11 Jesus Leaves a Reminder
Year 1 Spring
Lesson 1 Searching for God
Lesson 2 All in the Family
Lesson 3 Among Friends
Lesson 4 God in the Everyday
Lesson 5 All Over Creation
Lesson 6 Seen Jesus?
Lesson 7 Look All Around You
Lesson 8 Afraid? Who, Me?
Lesson 9 Excitement, Exhilaration, and God
Lesson 10 Sick, but Not Alone
Lesson 11 When Tears Fall
Lesson 12 That’s Not Fair!
Lesson 13 Found!
Palm Sunday Fully Forgiven
Easter Sunday Jesus—Alive Again!
Year 1 Summer
Lesson 1 Running the Race of Life
Lesson 2 Under Authority
Lesson 3 Act Like a Winner
Lesson 4 All Ears
Lesson 5 True Trust
Lesson 6 Winning Conversations
Lesson 7 Wisdom for Winners
Lesson 8 Popping the Pride Bubble
Lesson 9 Follow No Matter What
Lesson 10 A Heart of Caring
Lesson 11 To Tell the Truth
Lesson 12 How Can I Help?
Lesson 13 Winning the Prize
Year 2 Fall
Lesson 1 What in the World Are Missionaries?
Lesson 2 Transformation
Lesson 3 No Turning Back
Lesson 4 Teamwork
Lesson 5 On the Home Front
Lesson 6 Eager to Encourage
Lesson 7 What Did You Say?
Lesson 8 Short-Term Missionaries
Lesson 9 Performing Miracles!
Lesson 10 The Greatest Sacrifice
Lesson 11 Training Before Serving
Lesson 12 Far From Home
Lesson 13 Be a Missionary!
Year 2 Winter
Lesson 1 God Promises a Savior
Lesson 2 From Shepherd to King
Lesson 3 A Promise Is a Promise
Lesson 4 Angelic Invitation
Lesson 5 Jesus’ Family Tree Has Many Branches
Lesson 6 Call Him Jesus
Lesson 7 Prepare the Way!
Lesson 8 Jesus, the Miracle Maker
Lesson 9 Jesus, Always Kind
Lesson 10 Jesus—Build Wealth in Heaven
Lesson 11 Jesus’ Two Commandments
Year 2 Spring
Lesson 1 Getting to Give
Lesson 2 God Thinks I’m Cool
Lesson 3 Wise in Whose Eyes?
Lesson 4 Walking the Fair Way
Lesson 5 My Way or the Higher Way
Lesson 6 Power Food
Lesson 7 The Best in Hard Times
Lesson 8 Choice Friends
Lesson 9 Happy as I Am
Lesson 10 Under Authority
Lesson 11 Hold It Lightly
Lesson 12 Praise God!
Lesson 13 It’s Not All about Me
Palm Sunday Jesus Suffered and Died
Easter Sunday Jesus—Alive Again!
Year 2 Summer
Lesson 1 The Day the Sun Stood Still
Lesson 2 A Shepherd Sings Prayers to God
Lesson 3 Queen Esther Saves the Jews
Lesson 4 The Talking Donkey
Lesson 5 Jesus Talks and Listens to God
Lesson 6 Showdown on Mount Carmel
Lesson 7 A Servant Is Healed Because of Great Faith
Lesson 8 God Wins a Big Battle
Lesson 9 Giving Thanks for Creation
Lesson 10 Praising God
Lesson 11 Forgiven!
Lesson 12 Stop and Listen to God
Lesson 13 Our Ever- Ready God