David C Cook

Kids ages 10–11 learn how to experience God, discern His voice, and know the Spirit’s work in their lives while their families foster a deeper relationship with God.


Number Title
Fall Unit 1 - God's Plan Unveiled in Creation
Lesson 1 God in the Beginning
Lesson 2 God Reigns over Creation
Lesson 3 God's Wisdom in Creation
Lesson 4 God's Son in Creation
Fall Unit 2 - God's Grace and Provision in Early Genesis
Lesson 5 God Creates Man and Woman
Lesson 6 God Shows Justice and Grace to Adam and Eve
Lesson 7 God Honors Faith
Lesson 8 God Walks with Enoch
Fall Unit 3 - God Keeps His Covenant Promises
Lesson 9 God's Covenant with Abram
Lesson 10 God Protects Hagar and Ishmael
Lesson 11 God Gives Abraham and Sarah a Son
Lesson 12 God Provides a Wife for Isaac
Lesson 13 God Chooses Jacob
Winter Unit 4 - God Prepares Us for His Way
Lesson 1 God Prepares Us for His Plans
Lesson 2 God’s Presence Is with Us
Lesson 3 God Prepares Worshippers
Lesson 4 God’s Plans Prevail
Winter Unit 5 - God's Power and Authority Revealed in Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Shows Humble Authority
Lesson 6 God Reveals Himself in Jesus
Lesson 7 Jesus Shows Love on the Sabbath
Lesson 8 Jesus Honors Faith
Lesson 9 God Chooses What People Reject
Winter Unit 6 - Jesus Shows Us How to Love and Serve
Lesson 10 God Is Praised When We Stand Out
Lesson 11 Jesus Sets the Example for Love and Service
Lesson 12 Jesus Calls Us to Love and Serve as He Does
Lesson 13 Jesus Is the True Vine
Spring Unit 7 - God's Transforming Wisdom
Lesson 1 God Allows Job to Be Tested
Lesson 2 God’s Wisdom Is Complete
Lesson 3 God Is Sovereign
Lesson 4 God Forever Transforms Job
Spring Unit 8 - God's Covenant Fulfilled in Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Is the Temple
Lesson 6 Jesus Submits to God’s Plan
Lesson 7 Jesus Declares Himself Messiah
Lesson 8 God Is Faithful to His Covenant
Lesson 9 God's Victory in Jesus
Spring Unit 9 - God Equips HIs People to Share Truth
Lesson 10 Jesus Empowers Us to Make Disciples
Lesson 11 Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit
Lesson 12 God Fills His People with the Holy Spirit
Lesson 13 God Gives Courage to Peter and John
Summer Unit 10 - God Calls Us to Faithfulness
Lesson 1 God’s Power Draws Us to Faithful Worship
Lesson 2 God Calls Elijah Back to His Plan
Lesson 3 God Opens the Eyes of His People
Lesson 4 God Alone Deserves Worship
Lesson 5 God Honors Daniel’s Faith
Summer Unit 11 - God's Judgment and Mercy through the Prophets
Lesson 6 God Shows Mercy Instead of Judgment
Lesson 7 God Judges and Restores
Lesson 8 God Is Mighty to Save
Lesson 9 God Is Our Strength
Summer Unit 12 - God Uses Believers to Spread His Word
Lesson 10 God Calls Us to His Work
Lesson 11 God Fills Stephen with His Grace and Power
Lesson 12 God’s Spirit Is a Gift from Him
Lesson 13 God Makes Himself Known
Fall Unit 13 - God Faithfully Keeps His Covenant
Lesson 1 God of the Covenant Appears
Lesson 2 God Provides for Moses
Lesson 3 God Promises Rescue with His Mighty Hand
Lesson 4 God Shows He Is Lord over All
Fall Unit 14 - God Sets the Captives Free
Lesson 5 God Saves His People
Lesson 6 Is Highly Exalted
Lesson 7 God is Our Banner
Lesson 8 God Makes a Covenant with Israel
Lesson 9 God Shows Compassion
Fall Unit 15 - God's People Enter the Promise
Lesson 10 God Is With Us
Lesson 11 God Gives Life
Lesson 12 God Directs Us through His Word
Lesson 13 God Fights for Us
Winter Unit 16 - God's Wisdom in Jesus' Birth
Lesson 1 God Fills Us with Hope
Lesson 2 God Does Great Things
Lesson 3 Jesus Is Our Peace
Lesson 4 God Brings Salvation through Jesus
Winter Unit 17 - God Fulfills Our Hope in Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Teaches about God's Blessings
Lesson 6 Jesus Is Our Living Water
Lesson 7 Jesus Is the Bread of Life
Lesson 8 Jesus Is the Good Shepherd
Lesson 9 Jesus Honors Belief in Action
Winter Unit 18 - God Prepares His People for His Kingdom
Lesson 10 Jesus Gives Us Understanding
Lesson 11 Jesus Invites Everyone to His Banquet
Lesson 12 Jesus Followers Care for the Least of These
Lesson 13 God Will Restore All Things
Spring Unit 19 - God Establishes a Royal Line
Lesson 1 God Provides a Way Out
Lesson 2 God Desires and Rewards Righteousness
Lesson 3 God Is Worthy of Our Celebration
Lesson 4 God Invites Us to Talk with Him
Spring Unit 20 - God's Glory and Love
Lesson 5 Jesus Chooses to Die for Us
Lesson 6 Jesus Rises from the Dead
Lesson 7 Jesus Reveals Himself
Lesson 8 God Pours Out His Love
Spring Unit 21 - God Calls His People to Be Transformed
Lesson 9 Gods Spirit Lives in Us
Lesson 10 Gods Spirit Unites Us
Lesson 11 Gods Spirit Grows Fruit in Us
Lesson 12 God Calls Us to Imitate Him
Lesson 13 God Calls Us to Submit to Him
Summer Unit 22 - God Is Just and Patient
Lesson 1 God Provides for Us
Lesson 2 God Notices Us
Lesson 3 God Is Loyal
Lesson 4 God Has a Plan for Us
Summer Unit 23 - God Calls His People to Be a Holy Nation
Lesson 5 God Is Our All
Lesson 6 God Wants True Worship
Lesson 7 Gods Name Is Great Forever
Lesson 8 God Dwells with Us
Lesson 9 God Hears and Forgives
Summer Unit 24 - God's People Find Mercy in Hard Times
Lesson 10 God Defends His Name
Lesson 11 God Promises to Restore Israel
Lesson 12 God Shows Favor to His People
Lesson 13 God Has Purpose for Each of Us