David C Cook

Kids ages 8–9 learn how to experience God, discern His voice, and know the Spirit’s work in their lives while their families foster a deeper relationship with God.


Number Title
Fall Unit 1 - God's Plan Unveiled in Creation
Lesson 1 God Creates the World
Lesson 2 God Fills the World
Lesson 3 God’s Creation Flourishes
Lesson 4 Praise God the Creator
Fall Unit 2 - God's Grace and Provision in Early Genesis
Lesson 5 God’s Image-Bearers
Lesson 6 God Cares Even When Man Falls
Lesson 7 God Can Be Trusted
Lesson 8 God Wants Us to Follow
Fall Unit 3 - God Keeps His Covenant Promises
Lesson 9 God Is Never Late in Keeping His Promises
Lesson 10 God Desires Intimacy with Us
Lesson 11 God Uses Unlikely People
Lesson 12 God Is in This Place
Lesson 13 God Changes Jacob’s Name
Winter Unit 4 - God Prepares Us for His Way
Lesson 1 God Chooses Sinners to Take Part in His Story
Lesson 2 Jesus Gives Hope in Every Situation
Lesson 3 God Works in Unexpected Ways
Lesson 4 Jesus Deserves to Be Worshipped as King
Winter Unit 5 - God's Power and Authority Revealed in Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Is Announced as God’s Son
Lesson 6 Jesus Invites People to Follow Him
Lesson 7 Jesus Reveals His Glory
Lesson 8 Jesus Has the Authority to Forgive Sins
Lesson 9 Jesus Demonstrates His Power
Winter Unit 6 - Jesus Shows Us How to Love and Serve
Lesson 10 Jesus Teaches What’s Most Important
Lesson 11 Jesus Empowers Us to Be Salt and Light
Lesson 12 Jesus Teaches about Humility and Honoring Others
Lesson 13 Jesus Seeks to Save the Lost
Spring Unit 7 - God's Transforming Wisdom
Lesson 1 God Is the Source of True Wisdom
Lesson 2 God Gives Wisdom to Those Who Ask
Lesson 3 God’s Wisdom Trains Us for Righteousness
Lesson 4 God’s Wisdom versus Man’s Wisdom
Spring Unit 8 - God's Covenant Fulfilled in Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus’ Glory Is Revealed
Lesson 6 Jesus Is King
Lesson 7 Jesus Submits to God’s Plan
Lesson 8 Jesus Dies for Us
Lesson 9 Jesus Is Alive
Spring Unit 9 - God Equips His People to Share Truth
Lesson 10 God Uses Peter
Lesson 11 God’s Story of Life Proclaimed
Lesson 12 God Gives His People Boldness
Lesson 13 God Empowers His People to Witness
Summer Unit 10 - God Calls Us to Faithfullness
Lesson 1 God Is Faithful to Provide
Lesson 2 God Is the Only True God
Lesson 3 God Shows His Faithfulness through People
Lesson 4 God Becomes Known through Obedience
Lesson 5 God Faithfully Answers the Prayers of His People
Summer Unit 11 - God's Judgment and Mercy through the Prophets
Lesson 6 God Is Sovereign
Lesson 7 God Reveals His Mercy
Lesson 8 God Opposes the Proud
Lesson 9 God Restores When We Repent
Summer Unit 12 - God Uses Believers to Spread His Word
Lesson 10 God Changes People for His Purpose
Lesson 11 God Displays Power through His People
Lesson 12 God’s Salvation Is for Everyone
Lesson 13 God’s Word Is Dynamic
Fall Unit 13 - God Faithfully Keeps His Covenant
Lesson 1 God Never Leaves His People
Lesson 2 God Preserves His People
Lesson 3 God’s Promise Endures
Lesson 4 God Prepares a Way Out
Fall Unit 14 - God Sets the Captives Free
Lesson 5 God Overcomes Our Doubts
Lesson 6 God Proves Himself Lord
Lesson 7 God Delivers Israel for His Glory
Lesson 8 God Gives What We Need
Lesson 9 God’s Laws Bring Freedom
Fall Unit 15 - God's People Enter the Promise
Lesson 10 God Shows Compassion through His Presence
Lesson 11 God Rewards Wholehearted Faith
Lesson 12 God Calls a New Leader
Lesson 13 God Lives among His People
Winter Unit 16 - God's Wisdom in Jesus' Birth
Lesson 1 Jesus Is God’s Plan
Lesson 2 God Blesses the Humble
Lesson 3 God Fulfills His Promise
Lesson 4 God Brings Joy to the World
Winter Unit 17 - God Fulfills Our Hope in Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Is the Savior of the World
Lesson 6 God Is Good and Generous
Lesson 7 Jesus’ Presence Brings Hope
Lesson 8 Jesus Cares for the Hungry
Lesson 9 Jesus Opens the Eyes of the Blind
Winter Unit 18 - God Prepares His People for His Kingdom
Lesson 10 God Is Your Father
Lesson 11 The Holy Spirit Lives in Us
Lesson 12 Jesus Wants Us to Know Him Deeply
Lesson 13 God Loves Unconditionally
Spring Unit 19 - God Establishes a Royal Line
Lesson 1 God Is Our Champion
Lesson 2 God Unites Us for His Purpose
Lesson 3 God Restores Our Hope
Lesson 4 God’s Home Is with His People
Spring Unit 20 - God's Glory and Love
Lesson 5 Jesus Changes Everything
Lesson 6 Jesus Is the Living God
Lesson 7 Jesus Reveals Himself to Us
Lesson 8 Jesus Has Ultimate Authority
Spring Unit 21 - God Calls His People to Be Transformed
Lesson 9 The Holy Spirit Brings Change
Lesson 10 God Responds to Our Prayers
Lesson 11 The Holy Spirit Calls and Sends
Lesson 12 God Invites Us to Know Him
Lesson 13 God Chooses Us to Be His Witnesses
Summer Unit 22 - God Is Just and Patient
Lesson 1 God Will Not Be Forgotten
Lesson 2 God Knows Who You Really Are
Lesson 3 God Is with Us When Our Faith Is Small
Lesson 4 God Is Jealous for Us
Summer Unit 23 - God Calls HIs People to Be a Holy Nation
Lesson 5 God Gives Us a Choice
Lesson 6 God Is to Be Honored in All Things
Lesson 7 God Calls Generations to Worship
Lesson 8 God Blesses Those Who Honor Him
Lesson 9 God Is More Than Enough
Summer Unit 24 - God's People Find Mercy in Hard Times
Lesson 10 God Is Holy
Lesson 11 God Shows Mercy to a Stubborn People
Lesson 12 God Restores What Was Lost
Lesson 13 God Will Prevail