Early Elementary

David C Cook

Kids ages 6–7 learn how to experience God, discern His voice, and know the Spirit’s work in their lives while their families foster a deeper relationship with God.


Number Title
Fall Unit 1 - God's Plan Unveiled in Creation
Lesson 1 God Starts to Create
Lesson 2 God Creates Water, Sky, Birds, and Fish
Lesson 3 God Creates Land, Plants, and Animals
Lesson 4 God Creates Adam and Eve in His Image
Fall Unit 2 - God's Grace and Provision in Early Genesis
Lesson 5 God Provides for Adam and Eve
Lesson 6 God Walks with Enoch
Lesson 7 God Guides Noah
Lesson 8 God’s Power in the Flood
Fall Unit 3 - God Keeps His Covenant Promises
Lesson 9 God Blesses Us through Abram
Lesson 10 God’s Faithfulness to Abraham and Sarah
Lesson 11 God Brings Isaac a Wife
Lesson 12 God Remains Faithful to Abraham’s Offspring
Lesson 13 God Reaches Out to Jacob
Winter Unit 4 - God Prepares Us for His Way
Lesson 1 God Prepares His People for Jesus
Lesson 2 God Uses Ordinary People
Lesson 3 Jesus Comes in an Unlikely Way
Lesson 4 God’s Plan for Salvation in Jesus
Winter Unit 5 - God's Power and Authority Revealed in Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Wants to Be in His Father’s House
Lesson 6 Jesus Exceeds Expectations
Lesson 7 Jesus Shows His Authority as God
Lesson 8 Jesus Recognizes Faith
Lesson 9 Jesus Shows Care during a Storm
Winter Unit 6 - Jesus Shows Us How to Love and Serve
Lesson 10 Jesus Teaches about Loving Others
Lesson 11 Jesus Shows Us Whom to Love
Lesson 12 Jesus Affirms Mary’s Choice to Listen
Lesson 13 Jesus Is Our Source for Loving Others
Spring Unit 7 - God's Transforming Wisdom
Lesson 1 God Gives Wisdom to Solomon
Lesson 2 God Helps Daniel in a New Land
Lesson 3 God Reveals Mysteries through Daniel
Lesson 4 Jesus Uses Wisdom from God’s Word
Spring Unit 8 - God's Covenant Fulfilled in Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Is the Good Shepherd
Lesson 6 Jesus Gives Life
Lesson 7 Jesus Accepts Worship
Lesson 8 Jesus Is Honored as King
Lesson 9 Jesus Is Alive Again
Spring Unit 9 - God Equips His People to share Truth
Lesson 10 Jesus Calls Us to Belief
Lesson 11 Jesus Reveals Himself through a Miracle
Lesson 12 Jesus Prepares His Followers
Lesson 13 God Sends the Holy Spirit to His People
Summer Unit 10 - God Calls Us to Faithfulness
Lesson 1 God Cares for Us
Lesson 2 God Draws Elijah Back to His Plan
Lesson 3 God Is Faithful to Lead Us
Lesson 4 God Can Handle Big Problems
Lesson 5 God Hears the Prayers of His People
Summer Unit 11 - God's Judgment and Mercy through the Prophets
Lesson 6 God Shows His Mercy
Lesson 7 God’s Compassion Brings Salvation
Lesson 8 God Assures His Messenger
Lesson 9 God Watches Over His People
Summer Unit 12 - God Uses Believers to Spread His Word
Lesson 10 God Can Use Anyone
Lesson 11 God Sets Believers Apart for His Work
Lesson 12 God Works When We Share His Word
Lesson 13 God’s Word Works Everywhere
Fall Unit 13 - God Faithfully Keeps His Covenant
Lesson 1 God Unfolds His Plan for Joseph
Lesson 2 God Does Not Forget His People
Lesson 3 God Saves His People
Lesson 4 God is Always Working
Fall Unit 14 - God Sets the Captives Free
Lesson 5 God Watches Over Us
Lesson 6 God Calls and Equips His People
Lesson 7 God Delivers His People
Lesson 8 God Leads His People to Safety
Lesson 9 God Helps His People Remember Him
Fall Unit 15 - God's People Enter the Promise
Lesson 10 God Tells His People Who They Are
Lesson 11 God Never Leaves Us
Lesson 12 The Living God Leads with Wonders
Lesson 13 God Wins the Battle
Winter Unit 16 - God's Wisdom in Jesus' Birth
Lesson 1 God Helps His Servant Believe
Lesson 2 God Blesses Those Who Believe
Lesson 3 God’s Good News Is for All
Lesson 4 God Leads Worshippers to Jesus
Winter Unit 17 - God Fulfills Our Hope in Jesus
Lesson 5 Jesus Is God’s Son
Lesson 6 Jesus Calls His Followers
Lesson 7 Jesus Feeds His Followers
Lesson 8 Jesus Welcomes Gratitude
Lesson 9 Jesus Answers When We Call
Winter Unit 18 - God Prepares His People for His Kingdom
Lesson 10 Jesus Values Children
Lesson 11 Jesus Teaches Us to Pray
Lesson 12 God Knows Our Needs
Lesson 13 God Joyfully Brings Back the Lost
Spring Unit 19 - God Establishes a Royal LIne
Lesson 1 God Sees What Others Don’t
Lesson 2 God Uses the Unexpected
Lesson 3 God Keeps His Promises
Lesson 4 God is Good
Spring Unit 20 - God's Glory and Love
Lesson 5 Jesus Is the Promised One
Lesson 6 God’s Power Is Greater
Lesson 7 God’s Words Are True
Lesson 8 Jesus Prays for His Followers
Spring Unit 21 - God Calls HIs People to Be Transformed
Lesson 9 God Gives His People New Life
Lesson 10 God Directs Good News-Givers
Lesson 11 God Wants Everyone to Know Him
Lesson 12 God Helps Us Keep Going
Lesson 13 God’s Word Changes Us
Summer Unit 22 - God Is Just and Patient
Lesson 1 God Comes to His People
Lesson 2 God’s Strength Saves Us
Lesson 3 God Is Kind
Lesson 4 God Uses Families
Summer Unit 23 - God Calls HIs People to Be a Holy Nation
Lesson 5 God Is in Charge of Everything
Lesson 6 God Speaks to His Servants
Lesson 7 God Doesn’t Leave His People
Lesson 8 God’s Timing Is Just Right
Lesson 9 God’s Promise Passes On
Summer Unit 24 - God's People Find Mercy in Hard Times
Lesson 10 God Puts People in the Right Places
Lesson 11 God Protects His People
Lesson 12 God Restores His People
Lesson 13 God’s Word Brings Joy